Sadhguru signs his book, Inner Engineering: a Yogi’s guide to joy, which had its UAE launch at Dubai World Trade Centre. It is on bestseller lists in the US. Image Credit: Atiq-ur-Rehman/Gulf News

Dubai: The 3,000-strong audience sat in rapt attention, as one of the most influential and dynamic speakers in the world addressed them with a disarming mixture of warmth, candour and wisdom.

Dressed in resplendent white offset by a colourful shawl, Sadhguru, who founded the Isha Foundation in India, infused the ‘Meet, Mingle and Meditate’ event with his characteristic magnetism.

The three-hour event that began at 2pm at Hall 1 of World Trade Centre, saw Sadhguru enthrall the audience as he peppered his talk with anecdotes and wit, as he conveyed to them the importance of the need to live life with complete awareness.

Providing insight into how to find true joy and happiness, Sadhguru spoke of the essence of his new book ‘Inner Engineering: a Yogi’s guide to joy’, a New York Times and Amazon bestseller, that had its UAE launch at the event.

“We are bound by time, and in our life we are bound by time because there is a physical body,” said Sadhguru.

Defining life as a sum total of time and energy, he told the audience that people had a choice to live their lives without joy or maximise their energy and live an exuberant life.

“For that, we have to look within... we have to fix ourselves. What we focus on are accessories of happiness, but real happiness can come from within.”

“Human beings try to handle a complex intelligent machine like their brain without following a user’s manual. Often they are unable to handle their own intelligence. Very often they try to kill the brain by drowning it in excessive food, intoxication ...”

Stress, anxiety and depression, Sadhguru said, are of one’s own making that take away the joy of life.  — Gulf News / Atiq Ur Rehman

Inner engineering is about creating a climate within yourself that can help one alter one’s perception, and intense involvement with everything can ensure an exuberant explosion of life.

The talk was followed by a 20-minute meditation exercise and an interactive question and answer session.

Sergio Racu, a Moldovan national, who attended the talk said, “I enjoyed Sadhguru’s talk a lot. I have been following them on YouTube. I hope to visit his foundation in India and US soon.”

Zarina Dadachanji, a Indian expatriate, said she found the talk “amazing”.

“I think his teachings are very realistic and contemporary and I regularly follow his lectures on YouTube.”

Another participant, Neha Sharma, said: “I have done the Inner Engineering course at Sadhguru’s Coimbatore ashram and it truly helped me to become a calmer person and be more connected to my inner self. I found the lecture extremely enlightening.”

Sona Pandya, holistic healer, said: “I think what the Sadhguru said today is so true. We create our own experiences. I imbibe his teachings in my healing courses.”