Abu Dhabi: The refundable security deposit made by the recruitment agents with the Nepalese Embassy in Abu Dhabi will be used to settle unpaid salaries of housemaids if any dispute arises, Nepalese diplomats told Gulf News.

As the recruitment agents are held responsible for the welfare of housemaids, the agents have to make Dh37,000 as one-time deposit and Dh3,700 security deposit with the embassy for each housemaid recruited by them, Netra Tandan, Charge d’affaires at the Nepalese Embassy in Abu Dhabi.

Of the ten agencies authorised by the embassy, seven are based in Abu Dhabi, one in Al Ain and two in Ajman. They have already signed contracts with one of the authorised agents in Nepal.

“Although there are about 700 recruitment agents in Nepal, the government has authorised only more than two dozen of them for the recruitment of housemaids,” Tandan said.

The new system envisages settling disputes first through the recruitment agent, and then with the sponsor, he said.

10 agencies selected in UAE

Around 50 Nepalese female domestic workers reached the UAE since Nepal lifted the two-year-long ban on their emigration in May and the embassy has put in place a mechanism since August 23

1,210 applications to recruit female domestic workers under process

10 recruitment agencies in the UAE authorised by the embassy for recruitment of housemaids

New rule stipulates that recruitment to be done by only through the 10 agencies who will held accountable for any complaints from housemaids

Nepal lifted the ban due to illegal trafficking of women through neighbouring countries

Indians, Emiratis, GCC nationals and Europeans are the prospective applicants to recruit house cleaners

Existing housemaids in UAE can renew visas but they cannot come back if they go home. They should come through authorised agent.

In figures

  • Dh1,100 ($300) minimum salary for Nepalese housemaids
  • Dh3,750 refundable security deposit at the embassy to be made by recruitment agent
  • 1 month mandatory training programme for housemaids before they leave Nepal
  • 250 Nepalese women who reached the UAE illegally during past two years were deported by the embassy
  • 7 Nepalese women currently under embassy’s shelter house