Image Credit: Creative Commons

Want to know how much this heavenly coffee costs? There are only 45.5 kilograms of the record-breaking coffee in the world and it is called Panama Hacienda La Esmeralda Canas Verdes.

This natural-processed ‘Geisha’ variety was sold at the Best of Panama Specialty Coffee auction for a record price of US$1324.96 (Dh4866.58) per kilogram.

Is it the best coffee in the world? That’s what the Global Specialty Coffee Grading System says. There are very few speciality coffee producers in the world, accounting for just 3 per cent of global coffee production. Arabica and Robusta account for the majority of coffee produced, sold and consumed in the world.

Where and when can you try it?

Seven Fortunes Coffee Roasters in Al Quoz is where you can try this record-breaking cup of coffee on September 30 (Saturday).

Worth your buck?

There are two ticket options; one for Dh250 and another for Dh550. For Dh250, the guest receives 15 grams of roasted Esmeralda Geisha Canas Verdes and entry to the event, with a free plus-one entry. For Dh550, the guest receives 15 grams of roasted coffee to brew at Seven Fortunes, plus 50 grams of the coffee in beans. 

Location Seven Fortunes Coffee Roasters, Al Quoz Industrial Area 4, St. 26 Cost Dh250 or Dh550 Dates September 30 (2pm onwards) Contact coffee@sevenfortunes.com