Dubai: A letter written by His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, addressing youth through a scientific magazine, has been read by over 30 million young Arab readers, it was announced.

Shaikh Mohammad addressed the youth in an open letter in the inaugural issue of Popular Science Arabia magazine and has registered massive interaction with audiences across the Arab world.

The magazine — a joint venture from the Dubai Future Foundation (DFF) and Haykal Media launched to spread Arabic language scientific content across the Arab world — published the letter in its first-ever issue.

Since then, the address has received more than 32 million views on Facebook and over 17 million views on Twitter. The letter was also published by more than 30 renowned media channels and publications around the Arab world.

Omar Mohammad, an Agricultural Engineering student at the University of Jordan’s Faculty of Science, said Dubai is a source of pride for all young Arabs.

“The emirate inspires us to persevere and go after our dreams. Shaikh Mohammad’s letter in Popular Science Arabia, the Arabic edition of the world’s foremost scientific magazine, could not have come at a better time. It gives all of us hope for the future in the face of all the challenges facing our region,” he said.

Bader Al Mutawa, editor-in-chief of Al Hayat newspaper in Saudi Arabia, said the address bolsters the efforts of past and current Arab scientists, and defeats the stereotype that suggests the Arabic language is incapable of keeping up with scientific progress.

“Shaikh Mohammad has launched innumerable knowledge-related initiatives, and has consistently encouraged young people to delve deep into the field and develop the Arabic language to be compatible with all scientific concepts and discoveries,” he said.

Al Mutawa applauded Popular Science Arabia’s decision to print the letter on satin paper, which allows readers to keep it on display in their offices and studies.

Jordanian Arabic teacher Asma Salman said it is no secret that creativity and proactivity require endorsement and encouragement from leaders and role models like Shaikh Mohammad.

“Indeed, as Shaikh Mohammad said, waiting will inevitably lead to wasted time and missed opportunities. The time to take the initiative is now; the time to restore the Arabic language to its historic place in science and knowledge is now.”

Popular Science is a renowned American scientific magazine founded in 1872. It targets an audience of non-expert science and technology enthusiasts. The magazine publishes articles by successful, world-famous scientists and pioneers in science and technology.

The magazine will print six issues annually — and share content online on its website — to cater to science enthusiasts across the Arab world and provide them with simplified quality content, prepared by experts and research centres across the region. The magazine will additionally publish material from the international edition, translated into Arabic.