Abu Dhabi: The Indian Embassy in Abu Dhabi is planning to offer air tickets to selected Indians registered with the embassy’s database in the UAE. “We are considering incentives to encourage all Indians to register with the database although the registration is meant for their own benefit,” a top Indian diplomat told Gulf News.

Only 40,000 Indians are registered with the online registration system launched by the embassy in December 2014, said T.P. Seetharam, Indian Ambassador to the UAE. The Indian community in the UAE, numbering 2.6 million, constitutes 30 per cent of the total population, according to the Indian Embassy.

Seetharam said the embassy is considering offering incentives such as air tickets in cooperation with various airlines. “One airline has already offered a ticket. That is not enough and we are waiting for more,” he said. The incentive will be offered to registrants who meet certain criteria such as being the 100,000th registrant, he said.

The embassy had announced that the comprehensive database of Indians working and residing in the UAE would help the embassy improve its services and render requisite assistance in situations arising from unforeseen contingencies.

Indians can register on http://indembassyuae.org

After uploading the details, including the number of passport, residence visa and Emirates ID, emergency contact details, etc, a system generated user ID and password will be sent to the email of the individual. With this user ID and password, one will be able to edit his or her details as and when required.

The embassy has clarified that registration does not entail any special benefits.

About 65 per cent of Indians belong to the blue-collar category (employed mostly in construction companies, municipalities, agricultural farms), according to the embassy. The embassy had already asked their employers’ help to register them with the database.

About 20 per cent of Indians are in white collar non-professional category (clerical staff, shop assistants, salesmen, accountants, etc) and 15 per cent are professionals and businessmen and their family members, according to the embassy.