"Kids Captivated by Explosive Science Shenanigans at Al Qasba Image Credit:

Sharjah: Exciting explosive experiments at the first UK ‘Ministry of Science Live’ show in Sharjah captivated hundreds of students and their families on Tuesday.

The show, currently under way at Masrah Al Qasba theatre, showed students how the subject of science is fun and should be enjoyed rather than feared.

Held under the theme ‘The World is One Classroom,’ the 60-minute production unmasked many of the mysteries of science through simple but captivating experiments that included fiery tornadoes, exploding ping pong balls and a CO2 fire extinguisher-powered spinning chair.

The show saw presenters throw beach balls into the audience while dropping a bowling ball onto the stage to show the concepts of mass and weight. They also set balloons full of hydrogen and oxygen alight to reveal how gases support combustion and created a mini volcanic eruption by mixing volatile chemicals.

All of the experiments were undertaken with proper safety precautions.

The opening show saw more than 200 youngsters from Sharjah’s Australian International School and other audience members, with the children excitedly interacting with the presenters who aimed to inspire their young minds to embrace the world of physics, geology, chemistry, astronomy and other scientific disciplines.

Sultan Shattaf, Manager of Al Qasba, said the show “is the perfect blend of entertainment and education, making the subject of science enjoyable through aurally and visually exciting explosive experiments and how the universe works”.

He said the show is aimed at engaging with children’s minds and encouraging them to learn and develop through the medium of fun.

Organisers said the show proved to be a highly interactive production that carried a central message that any child can become a great scientist, regardless of their race, gender or religion.

The Ministry of Science Live draws heavily on the inspiration of such scientific luminary figures as Neil Armstrong, Isaac Newton, Leonardo da Vinci, Marie Curie and Alexander Fleming as it interacts with its young audiences.

The final performance of the hourlong show for the general public is on Thursday, at 7pm, with seats priced at Dh50. Tickets can be purchased from the Al Qasba information desk and further information about the show can be found at the website: http://www.alqasba.ae