Reach your 30x30 goal with these 30 family-friendly activities – from assault courses, ninja courses and parkour, to kayaking, biking, climbing and more, there’s something for all ages, interests and fitness levels Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The month-long, citywide fitness challenge starting on Friday is not just for adults — kids can join, too, at their own pace and according to their activity or sport of choice.

The Dubai Fitness Challenge (DFC), which will run from October 20 to November 18, will give kids a range of free sport and fitness activities to choose from. For those hooked onto tablets and gadgets, it’s also a time to get them off the couch and do a digital detox.

From discovering new and exciting sports to training to become the next sports star, or getting them to enjoy an active and healthier lifestyle, DFC is sure to be a hit.

The challenge also presents families a chance to have fun while getting fit together, in most cases, free of charge.

DFC organisers have prepared 30 amazing child-friendly activities that are super easy during the five Weekend Fitness Carnivals taking place across the city. Adults can join the fun too. Below are the highlights:

These are the events happening during the weekends from October 20 to November 18 at Safa Park, Kite Beach, Skydive Dubai, Burj Park, Dubai Festival City. Please check the Dubai Fitness Challenge website or app for the exact details www.dubaifitnesschallenge.com.

1. Ninja Warrior Course: A 14-element obstacle course suitable for children and adults alike. Includes the ‘Sea of Swings’, ‘Floating Bridge’ and ‘Warped Wall’.

2. Assault Course: An army-style assault course for kids, complete with monkey bars, crawl tubes, plank chains and other obstacles.

3. Parkour: These courses will let you run and jump across soft obstacles and do dare-devil moves seen on YouTube.

4. BMX: These special ramps can be used for bikes, skateboards and any other more adventurous sport.

5. Inflatables: A range of inflatables will be available at all DFC locations for kids to have fun and keep active at the same time.

6. Kids Fitness Fusion: A combination of Zumba, Body Pump, Body Combat and HIIT workout for kids with a lot of energy.

7. Born to Move: These classes with Les Mills combine a motivating and scientifically proven mix of movements appropriate for all ages, from toddlers to teens.

8. Climbing: Mobile climbing walls will be available at multiple locations for kids of all ages.

9. Beach Games: If your kids are football, cricket or volleyball mad and love the beach, get them out to try their hand at the beach version of these classic sports. There’ll be professionals hosting classes to help them hone their skills.

10. Football: Kids can enjoy a kick-about at DFC’s mini football pitches.

11. Football Freestylers: This world-class show is entirely choreographed to music, making it highly energetic and full of entertainment from start to finish.

12. Trampoline Parks: Kids will be able to bounce to their hearts’ content at DFC’s trampolining facilities,

13. Horse Hopper Zones: Featuring bouncy inflatable horses perfect for toddlers, these fun-filled zones will be placed all over Safa Park

14. Bubble Soccer: A twist on the traditional game of football, this revolutionary new sport has taken the world by storm and involves players bouncing and rolling across the pitch in an inflatable ‘bubble’ while trying to score goals.

15. Kayaking and Canoeing: Get out onto the water with these special classes aimed at kids.

16. Stand Up Paddleboarding: One of the many sports available during DFC, with Adventure HQ offering lessons specifically for children.

17. Gymnastics: Children will learn to balance on beams, use their strength when they vault and lift, and swing and move their bodies in new and fun ways.

18. Kitesurfing: A cross between wakeboarding and kite flying, kitesurfing has long been a popular extreme watersport in Dubai.

19. Salsa: This classic Latin dance isn’t just for couples; you can get your kids to join in, too, thanks to dance classes with Arthur Murray.

20. Frisbee: More than flying discs to keep you entertained at the beach, Frisbee is now a full-fledged sport complete with teams and rules.

21. Animal Flow: This innovative fitness programme combines movement with elements from various bodyweight-training disciplines to create a fun, challenging workout for the whole family.

22. Frescobol: This popular paddle-and-ball sport builds quicker reflexes and improves concentration, coordination and physical strength.

23. Bossaball: Bossaball involves two teams and combines elements of volleyball, football and gymnastics with music.

24. Breakletics: These classes promise fun for everyone, featuring a revolutionary and highly effective workout that’s a mash-up of fitness and breakdance.

25. Pound: Pound uses lightly-weighted drumsticks called Ripstix to create resistance as you drum along to the beat of different music genres.

26. Sunset Yoga: The perfect way to introduce kids to yoga.

27. Mountain Biking in Hatta: Take your kids for a mountain biking session in the mountains around Hatta.

28. Kayaking in Hatta: Hatta Dam is perfect for kayaking.

29. Superhero Walkathon: Inject some cosplay into your exercise and don your best superhero outfit for this fun-filled event.

30. Mums and Strollers Walkathon: Parents (not just mums) can bring their little ones and their strollers to this casual, sociable event

To access the full event schedule, visit www.dubaifitnesschallenge.com. Once DFC kicks off on October 20, participants will be able to track their performance, discover events and unlock rewards using the Dubai Fitness Challenge app.