Amer Ahmad Belhasa tries out the Tesla X at the EDI headquarters in Dubai. Image Credit: Emirates Driving Institute

Dubai: To meet the growing consumer demand for electric cars in the UAE, Emirates Driving Institute (EDI) has introduced carbon emission-free Tesla cars in its training fleet.

The institute rolled out the initiative as part of its platinum driving course which allows residents to take their driving lessons in luxury vehicles such as Range Rover, Mercedes G500 and Mercedes C200.

On Wednesday, the institute unveiled EDI’s first Tesla X at their headquarters and announced that Tesla S will also be soon added to its expanding fleet of luxury cars.

Speaking to Gulf News, Amer Ahmad Bel Hasa, managing director of EDI, said introducing driving lessons in Tesla came after identifying the needs of the market and the fact that electric cars are the “next big thing”.

He also said there was a need for such a service because many people go on to drive big luxury and sports cars immediately after obtaining the licence when they are not yet ready to handle powerful cars.

“This service benefits those who would end up buying a high-performance car after getting their driving licence. Those who are thinking to own a Tesla can get trained and tested in one, making them better-adapted with the features and mechanics of the car and thus ensuring their further safety on the roads,” he said.

The latest initiative by the driving school also comes in line with the Dubai government’s aim to have 32,000 electric cars on local roads by 2020 and 42,000 by 2030.

“As we have seen, Dubai government is moving towards a green economy and sustainable energy, and so Tesla is going to help in reducing the carbon footprint and help the government achieve its long-term vision in achieving sustainability.”

The EDI would be the first institute to offer driving lessons in Tesla cars. Courses will be available within the next two months for those registering to acquire a driving licence or join a refresher driving course using Tesla, which would allow them to learn the basic features of the car, he added.