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We wish we could have a hybrid option on essentials in life, literally. Salt can't make that happen, but they definitely know how to give you the 'best of both worlds'. 

With Salt’s new hybrid softie, at least one of life’s decisions has become a little bit easier, and truly indulgent.

The 'Hybrid Softie' is a combination of the luxurious Lotus softie – a vanilla delight covered in crumblings of Lotus biscuits drenched in caramel – and the brownie softie with swirls of rich chocolate ice cream topped with real brownie sprinkles. 


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The Hybrid Softie is also available as a Hybrid Milkshake, if you prefer to chill with a blend of the two flavours.

Location Kite Beach (other food truck locales in Dubai) Cost Hybrid Softie for Dh25 or the Hybrid Milkshake for Dh35