Dubai: When two of the biggest names in the Philippine movie industry work together in a project, expectations are really high. Such was the case when Piolo Pascual and Sarah Geronimo teamed up for The Breakup Playlist, which is currently screening in the UAE.

The Breakup Playlist is a romantic drama about aspiring professional singer Trixie David (Geronimo) and rock singer Gino Avila (Pascual), and a how music defines their love affair.

The movie starts with Trixie and Gino in the middle of a heated argument that leads to a breakup, not quite the opening scene typical of Filipino romance movies.

Their love story then unfolds – the highs and lows of each phase of their relationship inspiring a certain song. The first track goes back to 2009 where Trixie and Gino meet in a music camp. Trixie is a law student (a course chosen for her by her mother) whose true passion is in music, while Gino is the egocentric rock star who is one of the mentors of the camp. He later tries to convince Trixie to join his newly formed band.

While Pascual did a decent job here, I somehow felt awkward seeing him portray a rock star, with tattoos and all. He just doesn't have the swag of a rock star.

Pascual is certainly a fine singer himself, a real charmer and of course one of the brilliant actors in the industry, but the rock star image seemed odd. On the other hand, I think Geronimo, who apart from being a movie hit maker is also one of the Philippines’ most successful recording artists, gave justice to the role, portraying a shy law student who turns into the lead vocalist of a rock band.

The movie goes back and forth between the present and the past – of how their romance blossomed and how they endured conflicts as bandmates and as lovers. Director Dan Villegas took a different approach to the movie, preferring not to over romanticise the couple’s love affair and presenting the story as grounded as it can be to reality.

I'm not a Pascual or a Geronimo fan, but when it comes to acting I consider the two among those who really know their craft and they definitely did a great effort in The Breakup Playlist. But for me there is one ingredient that is sorely missing in the movie – there was no spark between the two stars. That same spark I’ve seen in Pascual’s other movies with such artists as Judy Anne Santos or Claudine Barretto, or in Geronimo’s team-ups with John Lloyd Cruz.

Nonetheless, I think Geronimo has matured a lot as an actress and she definitely goes a note higher in terms of depth and maturity in this one.

Overall, the movie may not be as perfect as I've expected from the two great artists, but it is definitely worth watching. It has presented a more sincere take on how two people fall in love, fall out of love, forgive and take second chances.

The Breakup Playlist is showing in the following cinemas:

Abu Dhabi & Al Ain

Star Al Wahda Cinema 5 1.00, 3.10, 5.20, 7.30, 9.40, 11.50

Novo Abu Dhabi Mall 4 10.15, 12.30, 2.45, 5.00, 7.15, 9.30,

Cinema Al Mariah 3 4.00pm, 6.00, 8.00, 10.00, 00.00

Novo World Trade Centre 5 10.15, 12.30, 2.45, 5.00, 7.15, 9.30,

Novo Bawabat Al Sharq 1 (Baniyas) 6.00pm, 8.15

Star Bawadi Cinema 4 (Al Ain) 1.00, 3.10, 5.20, 7.30, 9.40, 11.50

Vox 3 Marina Mall 6.30pm, 9.10, 11.45

Vox 11 Yas Mall 11.45, 2.15, 4.45, 7.15, 9.45, 00.15


Novo Cinecity 4 (Al Ghurair) 11.45, 2.00, 4.20, 6.40, 9.00, 11.20

Novo Cinecity 5 (Al Ghurair) 7.45pm, 10.00, 00.20

Novo Cineplex 3 (Grand Hyatt) 12.10, 2.30, 4.50, 7.10, 9.30, 11.50

Novo Festival Cinema 5 (Festival City) 11.20, 1.40, 4.00, 6.20, 8.40, 11.20

Novo Megaplex 14 (Ibn Battuta) 10.30, 12.50, 3.10, 5.30, 7.50, 10.10, 00.30

Novo Megaplex 15 (Ibn Battuta) 1.40, 6.20, 11.00

Reel Cinemas 2 (The Dubai Mall) 3.45pm, 6.20, 8.55, 11.30

Vox 4 BurJuman 10.30, 1.10, 3.50, 6.25, 9.00, 11.40

Vox 8 Deira City Centre 10.45, 1.15, 3.45, 6.15, 8.45, 11.15

Vox 9 Mall Of The Emirates 5.45pm, 8.30, 11.15

Vox 5 Mercato 12.25, 5.00, 9.30

Sharjah & Northern Emirates

Novo Mega Mall 6 12.25, 2.40, 4.55, 7.10, 9.25, 11.40

Novo Manar 6 (RAK) 12.15, 2.30, 4.45, 7.00, 9.15, 11.30

Novo Buhairah (Shj) 4 12.00, 4.00, 8.00, 11.59

Novo Sahara 3 2.00pm, 6.10, 10.20

Timings are subject to change. Please contact the cinema for updates