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One of the UAE’s funniest women and most hardworking comedians, Mina Liccione, will film her debut stand-up comedy special live on May 13 at Warehouse Four in Al Quoz, Dubai. Called Mina Liccione: Araby By Nature, the New York-born will perform two shows on the day: at 6pm and at 8.30pm.

“With everything that is happening in America, I wanted to film my special in the Middle East to help a wider audience see things from a new perspective; through the eyes of an Italian New Yorker who married an Muslim, Arab comedian. This special is dedicated to my Arab sisters and my fellow expats living in the UAE. My favourite style of comedy makes you laugh but also makes you think afterwards. Truth in jest goes a long way,” she says.

Liccione, who has been performing stand-up for more than nine years in the UAE, founded comedy community Dubomedy in 2008 with her husband Ali Al Sayed. She’s performed on Broadway with the hit show Stomp,

Liccione’s style blends physical comedy with observational humour and storytelling.

“I’m inspired by life. Comedy comes from imperfections, mistakes and brutal honesty… I’ve got all three down! My material is based on real life experiences that I dramatically survived and poke fun at myself! I’m a storyteller, really. Being married to a comedian and having a father who looks like Super Mario and talks like Robert DiNero really helps too,” she says.

Tickets to Mina Liccione: Araby By Nature will go on sale soon on www.MinaLiccione.com.