190411 meditation
Image Credit: Supplied

Fitness First is launching a series of online meditation classes for everyone across the Middle East to simultaneously focus on their mental and emotional wellbeing.

The meditation sessions will be uploaded at 9pm (GST) every Tuesday on the Fitness First Middle East YouTube, Instagram and Facebook pages, and will encourage friends and families to join the class concurrently, within their homes.

The 15 to 30-minute session will incorporate a calming narration and breathing techniques, and aim to help alleviate stress, improve focus, connect better and encourage people to be kinder to themselves.

Meditation is the practice of mindfulness and a technique to train attention and awareness, which helps to achieve a focused mind. It includes long-lasting benefits such as habitual skills to control emotions and keep our stress levels in check. 

Fitness First’s meditation classes aim to rejuvenate the mind and organise thoughts, whilst enabling participants to observe their feelings without judgment, in turn creating a strong mind. The meditation practice also enhances thought processes which can help boost moods and support over wellbeing. All that is required is a quiet, comfortable place.