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On July 10, head over to Wavebreaker Beach Bar & Grill at the Hilton and pay with a pineapple to receive a free exotic beverage! Made with coconut juice and your very own fresh pineapple, celebrate the golden fruit all day.


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Once again, you don't have to pay money. You literally have to hand over a pineapple to your server. It is, however, limited to one pineapple per person. 

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Legend has it that the world-renowned beverage has its roots in a beach bar at Hilton Puerto Rico, making Wavebreaker the perfect location to celebrate this famous beverage's 63rd birthday.

Better head to the grocery store.

Here’s all the info:

Location: Wavebreaker Beach Bar & Grill, Hilton Dubai Jumeirah

Cost: Pay with a pineapple

Timings: 10 July 2017, open from 10am, guests will have the whole day to enjoy the beverage and other delicious offers.

Contact: 04 3182582