Chandran KG, CEO, Greenoponics Agricultural Services LLC
Chandran KG, CEO, Greenoponics Agricultural Services LLC Image Credit: Supplied

Rooftops, kitchens, gardens and other spaces can be developed hydroponically for growing vegetables, such as tomatoes, cucumber, okra, aubergine, capsicum, beans and gourds as well as leafy greens. Twenty plants can be grown in one square metre of space.

Systems can yield 6-7kg of tomatoes per plant and over 16kg (head of lettuces) per square metre in one farming cycle.

Since 2017, GreenOponics Agricultural Services LLC has evolved into a premier hydroponics solutions provider in the UAE. We strive to contribute our might towards supporting the global food security initiatives and sustainability intent and the localised support to the hydroponic farming community.

Over the years, we have made several hydroponics system installations on home rooftops, kitchen gardens, camp accommodation facilities, school spaces, restaurants and institutional premises.

Controlled environment farming and commercial projects are executed with greenhouses, net-houses, fodder systems, containerised, indoor vertical facilities for hydroponics and other modes of farming.

Advantages of hydroponics:

Hydroponics techniques, such as deep water culture (DWC), ebb and flow, nutrient film technique (NFT), Dronii bucket system (DBS) in controlled environments such as greenhouses are known for benefits such as:

  • 70 – 80 per cent less water consumption
  • Avoiding soil-related infestation and contamination
  • Less space, higher yield, nutritious vegetables, fruits and leafy greens

Some of the hydroponics systems on offer are:

  • Eezee – complete hydroponic starter kit to cultivate a year’s supply of leafy greens for a family (16 plants/month) – economic, easy-to-use for beginners.
  • Eva – placed on sit-out, balcony, semi-open spaces of up to one square metre (20 plants) – can grow both small and medium sized plants.
  • Verte – suspended from roof or on a frame (28 plants).
  • SASA – for indoor plants / greens (20 plants).
  • Dronii – buckets (drip irrigation) system in three metres space, for vegetables and fruiting plants.
  • Vertical farming systems: Containerised/vertical indoor farming with LED lighting, almirah, tower systems.
  • Construction of greenhouses and net-houses to suit various commercial farming needs.

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About GreenOponics:

GreenOponics effectively utilised its research and piloting experience for over two years, before the hydroponics venture. It is a part of the Happy Holdings Group which has been in the UAE for the past 25 years.

During the initial stage itself, we have been selected by DEWA for the Innovation Week to showcase our innovative technology. GreenOponics also bagged the Ajman University Innovation Centre Award considering the innovative products and activities.