The 6th edition of the Tristar Safety at Sea Conference will be held on November 7 in Dubai. In attendance will be prominent ship owners, managers, insurers, government representatives and other industry leaders. As per previous editions, the event will be livestreamed around the world. In the 2023 event, participants livestreamed-in from vessel mess rooms and gatherings in India, the Philippines and Myanmar.

The conference will focus on implementing safety culture on vessels and specifically promote a set of clear guidelines for casualty prevention, known as the Golden Safety Rules.

Dr Grahaeme Henderson OBE, President of the Safety at Sea Conference, says, “Safety programmes suffer from a lack of focus on clear and uniform guidance on best practices, which this year’s Safety at Sea Conference will address through leadership, well-being and care, and incident prevention with the Golden Safety Rules. Together we are taking action to save lives.”

“We are privileged to have Dr Henderson take leadership of the conference, our sixth consecutive annual gathering of maritime leaders and decision makers. His presence will further promote our advocacy to raise awareness of the importance of seafarer wellbeing,” says Eugene Mayne, CEO of the Tristar Group.

The Tristar Group owns and operates about 30 ocean-going and coastal vessels and has been the sole sponsor of the Safety at Sea Conference since inception in 2019.