KGRN Chartered Accountants
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KGRN is one of the prominent audit and accounting firms in Dubai and other regions of the UAE, offering comprehensive suite of services that include audit and assurance, accounting, company formation, VAT, tax compliance, business consulting, payroll and related services.

Established in September 2007, with its dedicated 70+ task force that comprise qualified and experienced chartered accountants, certified financial advisors, auditors, lawyers and financial management experts, KGRN has added close to 3,000 clients to its clientele list.

Businesses in the UAE are constantly witnessing unprecedented financial reforms in the region in recent years, and not conforming to these standards, will attract penalties. We closely monitor the reforms being introduced by the UAE Government and quickly pass this information to our clients, so they can streamline their businesses to fall in line with the new changes. The introduction of economic substance regulation (ESR), ultimate beneficial owner (UBO), anti money laundering law and corporate tax in the UAE, introduced one after the other, all are part of the UAE’s financial reforms. This can be too overwhelming for businesses. Failing to comply with these regulations knowingly or unknowingly by the businesses, lead to heavy penalties. KGRN’s trained professionals are also equipped with the knowledge and tools to impart training in these areas and handle these activities for the clients.

We have been successfully catering to diverse industries including banking, finance, insurance, telecommunications, hospitality, travel, trading, manufacturing, government sectors, media and much more.

Contact us any time via email: or a call +971 455 70 204 from Monday to Saturday, 9am-6pm.

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