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Portugal Golden Visa started in 2012 as a Residency Permit by Investment Programme, valid in the European Schengen countries and with the ability to provide access to citizenship. At this time, David Machado and Tiago Camara, with long experience of living in China and other countries worldwide, decided to create PTGoldenVisa — a full-service solution on investing in Portugal that tackles all the difficulties a foreign investor may face after landing in Portugal for the first time.

They took on this opportunity and established a company to help non-EU citizens get access to a safe backup plan and better future. Since then, the PTGoldenvisa has been awarded on a yearly basis, thanks to its team’s hard work and dedication to clients.

Both partners are Portuguese and have an economic background with a vast professional experience accumulated over two decades outside of Portugal. They are bringing to clients an outstanding knowledge of real estate and the financial market that they have gained during their entrepreneurship life experience. The gratification of their clients is proof that they can provide an optimal customised strategy to any client seeking a profitable and secure investment.

The company solves any possible needs of clients including legal and banking support, investment analysis and selection, tax optimisation, annual tax filing and property management. Their strategy is focused on the clients’ perspective, whereby a profitable investment is their core value.

PTGoldenVisa has been growing each year in double digits with the majority of its new clients originating through the referrals of satisfied clients. The company headquarters is in Lisbon, and currently has more than 40 team members with wide professional experience, who are ready to deliver exceptional results.

Due to the high demand coming from clients based in the UAE, they have established a branch in Dubai with a local DED licence where they have made several partnerships to support clients on documentation and investment. Apart from these two offices, PTGoldenVisa has successfully made many partnerships worldwide based on trustworthy ties supported by the company’s professionalism and credibility and with a clear expansion mentality.

Both PTGoldenVisa partners have developed successful projects internationally and due to the economical and political experience from different countries, they are aware of how important it is for certain nationalities to feel safe and secure with their families.

The Portugal Golden Visa programme is a lifetime opportunity for investors and their families to have an access to better healthcare, a better education system and better work opportunities. In current times when people are afraid or cannot go back to their home countries, Portugal is providing a scheme that allows investors to also move freely within all Schengen countries, which just widens the opportunities for all family members.

The biggest advantage of this programme is the ability to apply for an EU citizenship after 5 years without any relocation needed. The Portuguese passport is ranked as the sixth strongest passport in the world and provides visa-free access to more than 170 countries.

The Portuguese Golden Visa programme is straightforward, without any grey areas. If an investor is able to complete the investment, holds a clean police clearance certificate and delivers the required documents, the approval is 100 per cent guaranteed. Clients interested in getting more information on how to get their families a safe backup plan, can directly request a meeting with one of the partners of PTGoldenVisa through the email: or visit A complimentary Golden Visa e-book is available for download.