Yazen Al Kodmani, Principal Consultant, 3Y AgTech
Yazen Al Kodmani, Principal Consultant, 3Y AgTech Image Credit: Supplied

3Y Agriculture research and consultancy DMCC is an independent consultancy specialised in arid climate and controlled environment agriculture (CEA) in the UAE. The organisation aims to provide high quality insight through decades of combined experience of its partners, across all aspects of the agriculture value chain, from inputs and production, to supply chain management and market access. Our mission is to provide international expert solutions adapted to complex local challenges.

We have world class expert and technology accessibility

3Y resources and experts’ knowledge and experience are enhanced and multiplied with our world class expert and technology accessibility. We have relentlessly established strong partnerships through our vast network with global technology providers and agricultural industry experts.

We are available locally

Maintaining global standards, 3Y is available on the ground on a local level. We have a deep understanding of regional culture, local market challenges, strengths and opportunities. Our well-rounded team, with decades of local experience, has a vast wealth of successful agriculture project conception, build and management.

3Y AgTech is the perfect partner to deliver expert guidance on the following:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Market Analysis And Research
  • Farm Design
  • Greenhouse Structures
  • Climate Control Systems
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Indoor Lighting Systems
  • Vertical Farming Systems
  • Post Harvest Processes
  • Agritourism Projects

To learn more, visit 3Y-Agtech.com