Vandana Mahajan with her Excellence in Education – Best in Career Guidance & University Placement award

A game changer in the education sector, Vandana Mahajan has more than two decades of experience specialising in career counselling and scholarship guidance.

In 2015 she set up Futures Abroad, a boutique career and university counselling business. The company has offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Doha, New Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. She has helped more than 20,000 plus students to date attend their dream university with scholarship.

Vandana started counselling students in 1998 in India guiding them about future career opportunities. She was the editor of Education Times for several years contributing articles on trends in study abroad and opportunities for students. She was also a regular contributor of the Career section in Eleven Magazine for several years.

Working with University of Toronto as the Director International Liaison gave Vandana a unique perspective of how admissions and profiling for students take place at a world-renowned university. She created student exchange partnerships with leading universities across the globe including mentoring students and guiding parents and students globally.

Vandana is also the founder of The Next New, a student club with more than 5,000 members, which she started in 2000. She is passionate about preparing students and providing students opportunity to learn by doing. She creates opportunities for students and engages them in a unique learning experience besides academics.

The Excellence in Education – Best in Career Guidance & University Placement award means the world to me. It’s a testament to the passion, dedication and innovation I bring to my role as a career counsellor. This recognition validates the impact of empowering students, guiding them towards fulfilling careers and fostering a culture of continuous learning. It also inspires me to continue pushing boundaries, exploring new opportunities, and making a positive difference in education. I am grateful for this honour and committed to upholding the highest standards of excellence in this field.

- Vandana Mahajan, Founder and CEO of Futures Abroad

As part of the Canadian Prime Minister’s delegation to India in 2012, Vandana created liaison opportunities between India and Canada. She has been working closely with the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI) since 2012. She was the keynote speaker in the 8th FICCI Higher Education Summit in November 2012 speaking on sustaining successful partnerships with foreign universities.

Vandana completed a certification from Yale University in Psychology and Cognitive Science in 2000 to understand student psychology, how teenage brain works, and understanding attention theories. She is a GEMS for Life member, certified member of ICEF, Canadian Business Council, NAFSA and IC3 Leader bringing counselling to every school.

She also has a thriving social media following of 130K making an impact in the field of education and careers.