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Ryoko Kuwata with her Excellence in Business – Best in Holistic Wellbeing Image Credit: Gulf News


Ryoko Kuwata puts well-being front and centre by integrating wellness practices into all aspects of life and business 

Ryoko Kuwata, the visionary CEO and Founder of INSPIRE LAB, has established herself as a leading figure in holistic wellness and cross-cultural business consultancy. Her educational journey began with a degree in international politics and affairs, including development economy, from a prestigious Japanese university. Ryoko’s early career was marked by over a decade of exemplary service as a financial analyst in global financial institutions, including a notable tenure at MUFG Bank (Dubai), Japan’s largest financial institution.

Despite her success in the finance sector, Ryoko felt a compelling need to address the mental and emotional well-being challenges faced by professionals in high-pressure environments. This realisation fuelled her transition to the wellness industry. She pursued certifications in mental coaching and various integrative medicine practices such as psychotherapy, energy medicine, yoga, Ayurvedic lifestyle instruction, and many others including scientific modalities. These certifications equipped her with a diverse skill set to promote holistic health.

While working in the financial sector, Ryoko couldn’t let go of her passion for wellness. This unrelenting drive led her to found her own business in 2020. Located in Dubai, INSPIRE LAB has a mission to awaken dormant talent inside individuals and transform them into unique value. The company focuses on empowering individuals and organisations by integrating wellness practices into daily routines and business strategies. Ryoko’s approach emphasises the balance of mind, body and spirit, fostering personal growth and professional excellence.

It’s a huge encouragement for both my personal and corporate journey, especially as we focus on mental health and spiritual growth. It is a significant gift for our company, INSPIRE LAB, demonstrating that we are on the right path and can impact the world positively. This recognition supports our mission to highlight the importance of holistic wellness in today’s busy world. Our approach, which integrates mind, body, and spirit to foster overall well-being in the corporate and professional business world, is being acknowledged on such a powerful platform. This award motivates me to continue empowering individuals, particularly working mothers in the business world, to achieve their personal and professional best through holistic practices.

- Ryoko Kuwata

Ryoko’s dedication to her mission has not gone unnoticed. Her innovative wellness programmes and commitment to promoting holistic wellness as a living example have earned her the prestigious Excellence in Business - Best Winner of Holistic Wellbeing award. This recognition celebrates her significant contributions to the wellness industry and her efforts to bridge cultural gaps through her work.

In addition to her work in wellness, Ryoko leads successful ventures as business consultancy and financial advisory. INSPIRE LAB has also extended its services as a creative agency. Regardless of the field, Ryoko prioritises the well-being of those she works with, believing that wellness is the foundation of all successful endeavours. Her business consulting services help companies navigate complex markets, while financial advisory delivers strong financial solutions, creative agency provides promotional solutions.

Ryoko’s journey is a testament to the power of integrating wellness into all aspects of life and business. Her resilience, dedication and visionary leadership continue to inspire those around her, making significant impacts in both the wellness and business communities globally.