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Riddhi Roy with her Excellence in Business – Best in Brand Design & Identity award Image Credit: Gulf News


Riddhi Roy proves her prowess in brand consultancy by devising powerful and empathetic solutions

Raised in a supportive environment, Riddhi Roy’s upbringing was marked by encouragement from her parents — a retired government scientist father and a mother actively engaged with NGOs — to explore diverse fields. Immersed in a culturally rich milieu, she cultivated a passion for literature, both fiction and business-related. Contrary to societal expectations, she pursued a specialisation in electrical engineering during her academic years, finding in it a logical framework for problem-solving and a foundation for her future endeavours.

Early in her professional journey, Riddhi was entrusted with significant responsibilities, enabling rapid growth and exposure to diverse business cultures across the Asia-Pacific region. Her tenure in a capital equipment manufacturer spanning 15 Asia-Pacific countries provided invaluable insights and honed her ability to navigate demanding environments, from factory floors to boardrooms. Her experiences in the male-dominated power engineering industry fuelled her entrepreneurial spirit and instilled in her a profound empathy for business dynamics, ultimately leading her to the field of brand design.

Winning this award is a significant milestone. It came at a perfect time to make a substantial impact. My work in brand design, particularly in personal branding with business tools and evaluation mechanisms, is poised to benefit many professionals. This prestigious platform validates my efforts and provides an opportunity to share my work widely. It’s an honour that celebrates the field of personal brand design and recognises my journey as a woman and a business professional who has overcome numerous challenges.

- Riddhi Roy

Brand design, with its inherent uniqueness and challenges, captivated Riddhi, drawing her into a career that blends creativity with logic. As Founder and Brand Designer for Branding by Riddhi, she is guided by her belief that a good designer must swiftly adapt and employ multiple intelligences to devise empathetic solutions. She strives to ground creativity in logic in every project she undertakes.

Riddhi’s vision extends beyond mere consultancy; she aims to leave an indelible mark on the annals of business history, both in her homeland and the nation where her work flourishes.

Guided by a philosophy rooted in empathy and authenticity, Riddhi’s mission is to elevate personal branding to a priceless business asset.