Preeya Malik with her Excellence in Corporate – Best in Immigration & Second Citizenship award

Preeya Malik is a US qualified lawyer who has obtained her juris doctor from the University of Toledo (Ohio, USA) with a focus on immigration law. She went on to obtain a master’s in law specialising in real estate development from the University of Miami (Florida, USA). Preeya has been a licensed member of the Florida and the District of Columbia Bar Associations for 13 years in good standing.

Preeya furthered her extensive experience and passion for investments and immigration through her role as the Managing Director of her brainchild Step Global Group. It is a full service advisory firm based in Dubai, unlike any other and comprises four branches: Step Immigration, focused on helping clients achieve global migration dreams; Step Wealth, providing portfolio diversification and international tax advising services; Step Sphere, assisting clients with executive lifestyle management; and Step Real Estate, a premier UAE real estate advisory firm.

Step Global Group has been providing investment immigration services in the UAE for over 10 years. Over the past decade Preeya has successfully assisted in raising funds for multibillion-dollar global projects from investors across the Middle East and North Africa, including the GCC, India, Pakistan and Africa, and helping hundreds of families achieve their goals of investment in and migration to the US, Canada, and the EU.

I am honoured to receive the award for Excellence in Corporate – Best in Immigration & Second Citizenship. It is so important to have awards like this that recognise the achievements that specifically women have made across all industries. We have come so far in terms of recognising women as industry leaders across the board, and I hope this award will inspire other women to work hard to achieve their goals and realise their dreams.

- Preeya Malik, Managing Director, Step Global Group

By taking a strategic and knowledge-based approach and having helped countless clients through investment immigration programmes such as the US EB-5 Program, The Canada Start Up Visa (SUV) Program and the Portugal Golden Visa (PGV) program, Step Global has quickly become one of the well-known and reputed investment immigration advisory firms in the region.

Alongside the investment by immigration branch, Step Wealth also offers portfolio diversification via interesting and exclusive alternative investment opportunities as well as international tax advisory services. The IBFD and ADIT qualified lawyers ensure that clients are fully prepared for their future from a financial perspective.

For lifestyle services, the Step Sphere branch ensures that clients have full control and flexibility around their time-consuming lifestyle tasks. Many HNWIs value time and ease of engagements, which is where Step Sphere steps in, taking care of menial tasks and allowing them to concentrate on high priority and essential engagements.

Finally, Step Real Estate is the branch that deals with real estate investments. With more than 15 years of experience dealing with properties in the UAE and the USA, Step Real Estate helps clients find the right investments to suit their needs and budget.