Maryne Cotty Eslous
Maryne Cotty Eslous with her Excellence Awards Image Credit: Gulf News

Maryne Cotty Eslous, 34, embodies perseverance and innovation. At 16, she survived a severe car accident, a pivotal event in her life. As a neurodivergent individual, Maryne faced unique learning challenges, yet she excelled academically. She is the first entrepreneur in her family, blazing her own trail without any pre-existing entrepreneurial role models, asserting her independence and pioneering spirit from the start of her career.

The Excellence in Technology – Best in Medical Innovation award is a tremendous honour, especially as it’s my first in this remarkable country, and I hope not the last. The UAE is forging the future of the world in critical areas such as artificial intelligence and healthcare.

- Maryne Cotty Eslous

She has nine university degrees, such as anthropology, neuroscience, and artificial intelligence. Her impressive academic journey has led her to head five companies, invent three technological patents, and generate 15 million euros in revenue and funding. Her commitment to medical innovation and female entrepreneurship has earned her significant appointments, including a position on the French National Digital Council in 2018. Her late diagnosis of endometriosis and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome finally explained years of suffering, inspiring Maryne to develop a groundbreaking software that uses sound and visual frequencies to alleviate pain, thus establishing a new domain in digital pain management.