Dr Keya Bayramova with her Excellence in Human Resources – Best in Recruitment award

Dr Keya Bayramova is the CEO of People Link for Human Resources Consultancies. The company Dr Keya started over two decades ago showcases her position as a visionary leader driving empowerment and change in the field of recruitment. She believes in continuous skill development through learning and experimentation and has a PhD in management, ILO certification and various other diplomas and certifications to stay updated on global business practices. Her depth of understanding and passion for others’ success shape her work.

Dr Keya started her career in hospitality working in the sales offices of the Sheraton hotel before moving into general trading. It was during this transition that she realised that the need for talent acquisition and creation in various industries presented an opportunity.

While the talent and recruitment sector remained a core component of Dr Keya’s business portfolio and her learning ground, she found her niche in recruiting for the construction and hospitality sectors.

In business, Dr Keya navigates building maintenance, recruitment and real estate, sourcing talent globally. She has recruited more than 200,000 people for companies in the region alone, contributing significantly to economic growth.

A few notable projects where Dr Keya has played a significant role in enhancing the recruitment include Burj Khalifa, Atlantis The Palm, Dubai Marina working with Arabtec Construction, and Al Futtaim Carillion.

Looking back at when I decided to branch out of my family and come to Dubai, you realise how far you have come but also how much more work is needed. When you spend a lifetime serving others, it is an honour to receive such an accolade. Recognised as being excellent in a field that you invest all your time in while learning and continuously evolving is a proud moment. But the sky is the limit, and as much as you think you have accomplished, there is always room to improve, grow, and serve others. In recruitment, we change lives … not only of the person who gets hired but their families and their communities.

- Dr Keya Bayramova, CEO of People Link for Human Resources Consultancies

Dr Keya’s philanthropic mission focuses on training and employing thousands, fostering opportunities for a brighter future. Her unwavering commitment to women’s empowerment, education and employment leaves a lasting impact across various spheres of life.

As a woman in what was previously known as traditionally male-driven industries, Dr Keya empowers and employs women wherever possible.

The daughter of renowned Turkmen artist Durdy Bayramov, Dr Keya preserves Central Asian arts and culture. Initiatives like the Durdy Bayramov Art Foundation and Bayramov Museum, founded by Dr Keya, promote this heritage.

In addition to her work accolades, Dr Keya is also a proud mother of three boys and she plays an active and supportive role to incoming families in the UAE through Parent Concierge Project Management Services – another company under the portfolio of companies she has started in Dubai, ensuring a smooth transition into UAE life. She believes everyone living or incoming in the UAE should have the opportunity to integrate happily into the culture, as she once did.

Dr Keya began her entrepreneurial journey in Dubai, expanding globally and with no plans to stop. The work she’s done in social entrepreneurship has had a direct impact not only on companies but to individuals as well. Her ventures span the Gulf, South Asia, the UK, the US, Canada, and the wider Central Asia, driving job creation, innovation and economic opportunities.