Waseem Ashraf Qureshi

For close to four decades, Waseem Ashraf Qureshi has worked tirelessly on inventing and developing groundbreaking technologies to positively impact both environment and society. His transformative inventions are today used in a multitude of applications spanning energy storage for solar applications, storage for grid stabilisation and resilience, and electric vehicle charging under five minutes.

Through his inventions, Qureshi has made significant contributions to promote sustainable development and reduce the carbon footprint. His efforts have garnered attention and recognition in the fields of green technology and sustainable development. Qureshi is also acknowledged as the global pioneer of Supercap Based Energy Storage systems, a next-generation battery that is a viable alternative to lithium ion.

Part of the nation’s fabric

“The UAE has given me an enormous opportunity to develop my technologies, which has now made me feel like I am a part of the fabric of the nation”, explains Qureshi who is now developing a new programme to train young Emirati engineers in Power Electronics specifically related to renewable energy technology such as solar, wind, energy storage, and electric vehicles. He adds, “It’s now time for me to pass on my knowledge to the youth and what better way to pay back a nation that has supported and assisted me in getting to where I am today.

"We are launching a new initiative as part of a huge announcement we are about to make, where we will have a learning centre in the UAE for aspiring young inventors and engineers, collaborating with local universities and institutions.”

New inventions

Qureshi is the CEO and CTO of Enercap, where he researches, designs, develops and manufactures these ground-breaking technologies. Enercap has commercially deployed products in over 57 countries. These products include brands such as Encap and Ensirius, which are used in domestic and commercial applications such as primary storage for solar power or run-time power supply that hybridize fossil fuel generators in BTS Cell towers to reduce fuel consumption by up to 60 per cent. Enercap is also co-developing and testing applications with a number of EV, electric motorcycle, and drone companies.

In 2023, Enercap focused on Qureshi’s inventions to make the world’s grid systems more efficient and less dependent on fossil fuels. “Thanks to a new partnership which we will be announcing in coming days, we recently secured orders for my latest product, Enpack in the hundreds of megawatt hours. This is significant as it will prove to the world that my supercapacitor-based energy storage system is the most efficient, cost effective, and carbon reducing technology in the renewable energy-grid optimisation landscape”.

The global energy landscape is undergoing a profound transformation, driven by the urgent need to integrate more renewable energy sources into the grid to achieve net zero targets. At the forefront of this transformation is the necessity for robust, reliable, and efficient energy storage solutions that can handle the scale and complexity of modern power systems.

This is where utility-scale Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), which Enercap has branded as Enpack, plays a critical role. Enpack systems, with their massive capacities of 100MW or larger, are designed to support various utility use cases across generation, transmission, and distribution networks. Manufactured in the UAE Enpack is shipped in 20- or 40-foot containers globally.

Qureshi also excitedly introduces his other development, Enwall. “We are announcing the launch of Enwall, our resident BESS solution, designed to bring the benefits of advanced energy storage to homeowners.” Enwall is intended for use in home energy storage and backup systems, particularly those with home-installed PV systems.

“Manufactured in the UAE, Enwall represents Enercap’s commitment to innovation and quality in the residential energy storage market.”