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Ducab Cables, with a 44 -year history of manufacturing cables and wires in the UAE, has been at the forefront of enabling energy transition and energy efficiency. Charles Mellagui, CEO of Ducab Cables Business, spoke at the CRU Wire and Cable Conference 2024 held at Amsterdam.

“Power generation emits the most carbon dioxide (CO2) because coal and LNG are used for it. Despite the recent increase in solar and wind power generation, they have accounted for only 13 per cent of it. At CRU, we talk about helping the world towards a better, cleaner power generation. I am focussing on how Ducab is creating a major impact in green energy generation by being part of significant renewable energy projects around the world, such as the Al Dhafra project, the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park, and the latest Hornsea One offshore wind farm in the UK,” informs Mellagui.

Ducab is positively influencing new government policies to augment green energy generation. “Today we have 3,870 Gigawatt of green power including solar, wind and nuclear, which should become 11,173 Gigawatts by 2030. This will have high impact in the cable and related industries,” says Mellagui. The UAE is making significant strides with its Energy Strategy 2050, which aims to boost renewable energy’s share to 44 per cent of the energy mix by 2050. This ambitious plan includes investments of up to Dh200 billion by 2030, creating massive demand for cables.

“We, in the cable industry, will become the bottleneck of energy transition as we move to renewable energy in terms of more capacity, modernising grids, powering electric vehicles and data centres using AI technology, etc. At Ducab, we are innovating new types of cables for all this and we have our own solar farm powering the factory to manufacture them,” says Mellagui.

Working to benefit humankind and determined to help industries to transition to green energy, Ducab has a strong environment policy implemented. It hopes to be net zero by 2050 and use only green energy with least 50 per cent of its innovative product portfolio also environment friendly. Mellagui declares, “Ducab will move from orange to green in every sense of the word and keep on doing our bit to save our blue planet.”