Passport to the World Al Kherdaji
Dr Sadir Al Kherdaji, Founder and Chief Legal Counsel

Al Kherdaji Legal Consultants is a legal firm that, among other services, specialises in relocating companies and investors across international boundaries, while ensuring that their staff, managers, and the owners avoid the growing number of hurdles, administrative and regulatory, along the way by providing them with proper professional advice for optimal strategy. This ensures a smooth and successful transition, based on the firm’s extensive experience and expertise.

Among many options provided by our experts at Al Kherdaji International Legal Consultants, the Spanish entrepreneur visa is an excellent approach for individuals to reside and operate a business in one of the most beautiful European countries, Spain, and have the chance to obtain a citizenship at the end of the process. This type of residency gives non-EU foreigners the opportunity to establish a business in the country with a permit increasing in periods, starting from two years, then renewed for 5 years, and then being renewed for another 5 years.

Holders of this residency permit can start an application for permanent residency after the 5th year and an application to become a citizen after the 10th year.

To qualify as a candidate for this option, you must satisfy several requirements that are not very challenging; such as providing a satisfactory business plan, which must include your market, service, financial analysis and what added value it is going to bring into the Spanish economy. In addition to that, you must also prove economic means to cover the living expenses of the main applicant and for every family member who is included in the application.