Mariela, Co-Founder and CEO, Furless Permanent

In our pursuit of smooth, hair-free skin, the world of hair removal can be overwhelming. In this expert guide, we'll explore various methods, highlighting the ultimate solution—a well-kept secret in the beauty world for over 100 years.

Separating myth from reality

Myth: All hair removal methods are equally effective. Fact: Temporary solutions like waxing, shaving, threading, and plucking offer immediate relief but require frequent upkeep. Laser hair reduction may not deliver permanent results and works best on specific hair and skin types. In contrast, electrolysis is medically confirmed as permanent and works on all hair and skin colors.

Myth: Hair removal is synonymous with pain. Fact: While temporary solutions like shaving are generally painless, waxing and plucking can be uncomfortable and may lead to ingrown hairs. Modern electrolysis and laser machines are increasingly comfortable when performed by experienced specialists.

Exploring the pros and cons of electrolysis


Enduring Results: Medically confirmed as the only permanent hair removal method. Universal Effectiveness: Works on all hair types and colors, offering versatility for various body areas. Freedom from Maintenance: Provides a permanent solution without the need for frequent touch-ups.


Time Investment: Precision targeting requires multiple visits, but finding an experienced specialist can expedite the process. Financial Considerations: Initial costs may seem high, but long-term benefits justify the investment.

Comparing electrolysis with other methods

Waxing: Pros: Provides immediate results for larger areas. Cons: Requires frequent appointments and may lead to ingrown hairs.

Shaving: Pros: Quick and painless. Cons: Rapid hair regrowth and potential irritation.

Laser Hair Reduction: Pros: Can be effective and relatively painless. Cons: Not always permanent, works best on specific hair and skin types.

Meet Furless Permanent: Your premier electrolysis specialist

Furless Permanent leads the industry in electrolysis permanent hair removal across the United Arab Emirates.

What Distinguishes Furless Permanent

Expertise: Highly qualified professionals ensure top-tier service.

Cutting-Edge Equipment: State-of-the-art machines deliver swift, effective, and comfortable treatments. Value: Prioritizes quality and efficiency, offering unparalleled value for money.


For those seeking a lasting, permanent solution to unwanted hair, electrolysis from a specialist provider like Furless Permanent is the wisest choice. Empowered by complimentary consultations, individuals can embark on a transformative journey toward enduring hair removal.

For more information, contact Furless Permanent at www.furlesspermanent.com

- The writer is Co-Founder and CEO of Furless Permanent, Furless Beauty Institute, and The Trading Corner, an industry lead in permanent hair removal and beauty education