Takashi Tsubota, Founder and CEO, AC Bank

Dive into the world of private banking and luxury finance with Takashi Tsubota, Founder and CEO of AC Bank, as he discusses the allure of the UAE for high-net-worth individuals and unveils the tailored wealth management solutions offered by AC Bank.

Why is the UAE an attractive destination for high-net-worth individuals?

The UAE stands out due to its financial stability, luxurious lifestyle, and strategic geographical advantages. Not just a bustling business hub, it also offers a rich culture, safe environment, and favourable tax regulations, making it an appealing destination for high-net-worth individuals seeking sophisticated asset management and a high-quality life.

What tailored wealth management solutions do AC Bank offer to high-net-worth clients in the UAE?

Our offerings include savings accounts, fixed deposits, land investments, mutual funds, and startup investments. This diverse product range caters not only to high-net-worth individuals with a tailored private banking model but also allows retail clients to initiate international asset accumulation easily through our innovative online platforms, even without a dedicated adviser.

How does AC Bank provide personalised financial advice and support to meet the unique goals and objectives of its private banking clients?

We provide our high-net-worth clients with dedicated private bankers who deliver comprehensive consultations tailored to optimise asset growth, manage risks, and formulate long-term financial strategies. Utilising deep market knowledge and close ties with investment opportunities, we offer insightful, actionable advice.

Can you outline the range of investment opportunities available through AC Bank’s private banking services?

AC Bank provides a sophisticated suite of investment options tailored to various risk tolerances and financial goals. Our clients benefit from competitive fixed deposits offering up to 9 per cent annual interest payment, alongside lucrative international real estate investments that include both capital gains on undeveloped land and ROI on developed properties. Additionally, we are preparing to launch mutual funds, startup investments, and an entertainment-focused lottery project. Notably, our investments in pre-developed land in Asia are highly sought after for their potential for significant capital gains, attracting keen interest from global investors.

What distinguishes AC Bank’s approach to estate planning and wealth transfer for affluent individuals and families?

At AC Bank, a key institution within Acseed Global Group, we are committed to providing exceptional wealth planning and estate transfer services not only to high-net-worth individuals but also to those new to financial investments and minors. Our services are designed to lower the barriers to entry with minimal initial investment and low-cost fees, allowing a broader spectrum of clients to develop their portfolios effectively.

Additionally, through our subsidiary Acseed Travel and Tourism based in the UAE, we offer unique opportunities for clients to visit their investment locations. This offline experience is a tangible realisation of our group’s mission statement, We’ll bring the world to you, and embodies AC Bank’s unique value proposition of enhancing life satisfaction through enriching experiences. These principles are central to the corporate philosophy of Acseed Global Group.

As of 2024, our group comprises AC Bank, providing private banking services; Acseed, offering educational software development; Acseed Travel and Tourism, managing travel logistics; and Acseed Global Investment, investing in promising global ventures. Consistently adhering to our mission statement from the start, we engage a broad audience and prepare for future expansions that will fuel investors’ curiosity and fulfil entrepreneurs’ dreams with our visionary venture capital initiative as we grow.