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Peach, a hue between orange pink, is meant to signify warmth, compassion and belonging. Image Credit:

It’s time to peach out.

Spring is almost upon us and it’s time to ditch the hibernation vibes and swap those dusty drapes for a springtime makeover. Don’t think predictable pastels and florals: Think peach, which happens to be the Pantone colour of 2024. It’s time to bring in the right sunshine vibes into your home, without of course, going overboard.

The colour, which sits between orange and pink, symbolises softness and compassion, as Antara Menon, a Dubai-based interior designer explains. “There’s a sense of kindness around it, which is meant to evoke a feeling of compassion, community and collaboration,” she says. “It’s meant to induce a sense of peace and tranquility. With that thought in mind, you need to design your home. It’s about what brings you a sense of contentment, and warmth.”

To bring that spring feeling into your home, you can add colourful pillows, a spring-inspired wall, floral touches – fresh or dried flowers. Add a stool, table or chair in a spring colour such as peachy pinks, warm greens or brown, orange or reds...

- Vrushali Mhatre, Assistant Professor at the School of Textiles and Design at Heriot-Watt University Dubai

Well, how can your home reflect this peachy warmth and softness? You can use peach as bold or treat it as a neutral, says Menon.

It depends on individual choices, says Vrushali Mhatre, Assistant Professor at the School of Textiles and Design at Heriot-Watt University Dubai. "Some want soft palettes, while others want an eclectic home. Some may want muted shades with pops of colours and others may opt for monotone colours for each room or the entire home," she adds. Try opting for soft powder blues, shades of pink, ivory and earthy shades such as brick red and mud. As Mhatre summarises, decorating with Pantone colours isn't just about following trends, it's about making your home a cosy and inviting place to be.

Here are some ideas on how you can get this colour home.

Play up the peach!

Peach living room
Get creative with the peach, and experiment with its different hues in your living room. Mix and match textures for extra fun! Image Credit: Shutterstock

Play up the colour with multiple accessories that give pops of peach throughout the room, says Menon. Multiple is the key word here, because you can’t rely on just one peach item as that would look monotonous.

What you can do, is for starters, play around with the throw pillows. Opt for a solid peach for your sofa and look for pillows that have a hint of peach, she says. “You can mix and match textures for extra fun, for example velvet cushions for a touch of luxury and chunky knit throws for a cozy vibe,” she says. Don't forget a statement throw blanket in a contrasting colour, like a minty green or a creamy white.

Add some plants for a pop of colour in your room. Image Credit: Shutterstock

While the peach throw pillows do their job, go for rugs that have tones of peach and apricot, says Menon. You can get creative with your windows and lampshades too. “For a more dramatic effect, layer sheer peach curtains with solid-coloured panels in a complementary colour like cream or light blue. This adds depth and dimension to your windows,” she says.  Decorate your windowsills with vibrant potted plants in shades of peach, pink, or even orange. Blooming cacti or orchids will add to the vibrancy of the room. "Consider placing a vase of fresh spring flowers, such as tulips or daisies, on the coffee table for a pop of colour and a refreshing scent," adds Mhatre. 

Rugs and ceilings

Peach ceilings
Don't go overboard with just peach: Make sure you have a series of complementary colours to make your home look fun. Image Credit: Shutterstock

“Choose a textured rug that will immediately catch the eye without being obvious. I would say, consider a subtle geometric pattern for a fluffy rug, to make your living room or bedroom the coziest spot in the house,” says Menon.

Dog, walls
Get creative with the walls, too! Image Credit:

If you like how peach looks on the floor, you can do up your ceiling too. That is a sure sign of spring, says Menon. You can do up your walls too. “Pair it with white furniture or light wood tones for a balanced look,” she says.

A different touch to old furniture

To bring that spring feeling to your home, add a stool, table or chair in a spring colour such as peachy pinks, warm greens or brown, orangey reds, says Mhatre.  Consider reupholstering your armchair, if you have one. You can do it up with peach fabric, which will give your furniture a new lease of life. 

However, Menon does warn, choose furniture fabrics that are durable and easy to clean, especially if you have pets or children. Opt for performance fabrics with stain-resistant properties, she says. Remember that balance is key too: Don’t go overboard with the colour, and use it sparingly on furniture.

Floral arrangements

Spring is all about blooms, and what better way to celebrate than with a floral explosion?

So you can keep aside the fake flowers, get the real beautiful ones: Consider peachy roses, playful tulips and peonies, as Menon and Mhatre say You can even be quirky in your arrangements, try arranging them in mismatched vases of all shapes and sizes, just for more allure. “Think out of the box and try some vases,” suggests Menon. 

Joy to the kitchen

A colourful bowl of fruit is a bonus. Add some peaches to it! Image Credit:

Start with your dishtowels. It’s the easiest way to add a springtime touch, say both the designers. You can consider a variety of peach shades or patterns, which include, stripes, polka dots. “This is a good chance to get your creative juices flowing,” explains Menon. After sorting out your dish towels, you can turn to your placement mats, which can be colour co-ordinated with your towels.

“Consider mixing and matching solid colours with fun patterned options, or use placemats made from natural materials like wicker or jute for a touch of rustic charm,” says Menon. For instance, a crisp white tablecloth paired with placemats in various shades of peach – some solid, some with stripes or floral patterns. It adds a playful and personal touch.

There are many things you can do for your kitchen, on a budget. For instance, if your appliances are old and you don’t want to replace them, try painting them with peach fuzz. Look at your toasters, or a mixer, suggests Menon. For fun, you can even paint your coffee or tea cannisters in different shades of the colour. “You can even try a vintage vibe with ceramic canisters in a variety of the hues,” says Menon.

A finishing touch for your kitchen? How about a bowl of vibrant, coloured fruit? You can fill a decorative bowl with vibrant fruits like peaches, nectarines, or even grapefruit, suggests Mhatre. It adds a pop of colour to your kitchen.

"For an additional touch of greenery, elevate the kitchen's charm by cultivating a potted herb garden on the windowsill. It fills the air with scents and creates a peaceful connection to nature within your kitchen," she says. Incorporating spring colours into home decor and adding a touch of fresh accents can create a bright, cheerful, and inviting space that celebrates the season.