Kris 2
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As the host of the popular "The Kris Fade Show” on Virgin Radio Dubai, Kris Fade is a household name in the UAE. The 43-year-old Australian-Lebanese celebrity is known not only for his quick wit, infectious energy, and ability to connect with his audience on a personal level, but for being an inspiration to his fans who admire his ability to stay strong and positive against all odds.

Kris has won numerous accolades and awards over the years, cementing his status as one of the most influential media personalities in the Middle East.

In 2015, Brianna came to Dubai with the aim of staying here for two years. She met Kris while she was working as a Talent Manager and they connected on Instagram.

“Actually our stories differ a bit,” explains Brianna. “I started following him and accidentally unfollowed him, but he thinks I did it on purpose. Anyhow, I caught his attention, and he messaged me and we started chatting from there; the rest is history.”

Brianna claims Kris has helped her grow as a person. “When I met him, he was already well into his career. He had his two girls Noushie and Kiki (from a previous marriage) and he was somebody that inspired me to do better. My life has completely changed (since meeting him).”

Learning experience

They were engaged in 2019. Gaining popularity as a glamourous power couple in Dubai, they starred in the first season of Netflix’s luxury reality show Dubai Bling. In March 2022, they tied the knot. Brianna now serves as the Brand Manager at Kris’s company, Fade Fit.

Asked who is the more romantic of the two, Kris is quick to assert its him.

“I am sure Brianna will also agree with me. It’s just that we don’t get to spend too much quality time together because we’re both so busy but when we do I always ensure that there is definitely some romance in the air.”

They were approached for Dubai Bling in the midst of planning for their wedding and according to Brianna it was quite a learning experience.

“Initially we weren’t sure what we were getting into. It was a bit hectic at times to juggle the wedding, filming, time as a family, all while still running a business, Fade Fit. Kris was also working his jobs. But overall, we had a great time and the positive response that we got from people was definitely worth it all.”

Personal connection

Since Kris has been sharing his life on the radio for more than 20 years now, he feels he has made a personal connection with his audience.

“I have spoken about [personal stuff like] my battles, my concerns or going through a divorce… and there are millions of people who have connected with it all. However, there are certain things that we would definitely not talk about mainly to protect us and the children,” he says.

So, has the fame and the lack of privacy impacted their relationship?

“Witnessing the fan love for Kris over the past eight years has actually been pretty amazing. In this region, I think people are more aware of boundaries and privacy, so I personally don’t recall anyone being overzealous in trying to approach us. I have seen some fans cry when they see him or give a little yell, but it’s a beautiful experience because you can just see the joy in their eyes or in their tears,” adds Brianna.

According to Kris the cornerstones of success to any marriage is commitment, communication and mutual respect. For Brianna it is the freedom to be your own person while supporting your partner in every way.


Kris also ensures that his girls understand the value of money and hard work. “I didn’t come from much and I worked hard for everything that I’ve got, as has Brianna,” he explains

“So it’s important that the kids understand what it takes to get certain opportunities in life. They know that their father and stepmom were on a famous reality TV show and people know them because they were on it, but they handle it just as well. Sometimes I have personal conversations with the kids about how to handle certain situations.”

When they can gather up some time, the couple enjoy staying at home, watching movies, going to the beach or doing something pretty low-key with the girls.

“I do enjoy getting dolled up once in a while for a nice dinner!

‘‘The most quality time that we have together as a family is during summer and Christmas vacation and where we can completely shut off and enjoy each other’s time,” says Brianna.