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It was a shared passion of fashion and a desire to create something unique that led to two sisters, Janvi and Helly, setting up Tiesta, a stylish and comfortable sneaker brand.

With sneakers fast becoming a footwear of choice for brides on their big day too, Friday Bride speaks with the founders to find out what is trending in bridal footwear.

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Janvi and Helly who set up Tiesta

The inspiration for the shoes came after Janvi realised she has flat feet and needed customised shoes. ‘We have always dreamt of creating something unique and beneficial to society. The idea of personalised shoes, where you can shape your shoes to fit your feet perfectly, struck a chord with me,’ she says.

The 5 big trends in sneaker design

1. Sneakers are getting better with lighter materials and extra cushioning, ensuring both style and comfort.

2. Outstanding embroidery and personalised wedding date and names adding a touch of artistry to your footwear. Plus, many are customisable, allowing you to create a pair that’s uniquely yours.

3. These sneakers strike the perfect balance between fashion-forward designs and unmatched comfort, so you can look great while feeling fantastic.

4. From petite to plus-sized, this season’s sneaker trends cater to all sizes.

5. Some sneakers are perfect for dancing, offering support and style on the dance floor.

What advice do they have for brides-to-be who are planning their bridal look?

‘Know what you want and trust our experience. Your vision for your wedding day is important, so focus on what you truly desire. If you’re uncertain, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Helly and I have accumulated six years of experience working with brides, and we’re here to guide you,’ says Janvi.

While it’s natural to want to look tall and match the height of your partner, it’s equally important to be realistic about your comfort. Don’t feel compelled to go all out with big heels if you’re not comfortable in them. Your bridal shoes are an opportunity to get creative and unique.

A favourite memory from their career?

Helly: My cherished memory was when a client, a bride-to-be, walked into our shop seeking sneaker wedges. I guided her through the process, and we worked together to create her dream pair. I took a picture of her wearing our creation and shared it on Instagram. Little did I know that this simple act would lead to overwhelming love and recognition, from getting featured in WeddingSutra to being noticed by Tweak India.

Janvi: One of my current favourites is when we had the incredible opportunity to create 100 sneaker wedges for Manish Malhotra’s Diffuse Collection in March 2023. It was an amazing experience to have someone as renowned as Manish Malhotra appreciate and love our sneaker wedges.