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If you're a tea lover, here's some news that'll warm your heart! A recent study suggests that indulging in three cups of tea a day could add some extra years to your life.

Intrigued by the potential fountain of youth in your teacup, researchers surveyed approximately 14,000 individuals aged 30 to 79 about their tea-drinking habits. They wanted to know if they preferred black, green, yellow, or traditional Chinese oolong tea, and how many cups they enjoyed daily.

"The exposure-response relationship suggested that consuming around three cups of tea or six to eight grams of tea leaves per day may offer the most evident anti-aging benefits," said the researchers. "Moderate tea consumption exhibited the strongest anti-aging benefits among consistent tea drinkers," they concluded.

But here's the real deal: Participants who decided to put the kettle away and stopped drinking tea seemed to show an increase in signs of aging, according to the study.

If the study has got you thinking about embracing the tea life, why not grab a box of Lipton tea on your next grocery run? You might be surprised to learn that just two cups of Lipton Green Tea Pure pack a punch with 200mg of flavonoids. That's a whopping 50 per cent of your recommended daily intake!

So, maybe it's time to make room for that third cup of tea in your daily routine!