Sima Ganwani Ved is Founder and Chairwoman of the Apparel Group Image Credit: Supplied

Sima Ganwani Ved, Founder and Chairwoman of the Apparel Group, will be a speaker for the World Woman Davos Agenda, slated to take place during the World Economic Forum week on January 18 in Davos. This was announced by the World Woman Foundation.

World Woman Davos Agenda is a collaborative, multistakeholder initiative to reshape women’s roles. It offers a distinctive platform to redefine and reforge our understanding of the current era’s global responsibilities and the imperative for cooperation to make #EqualityMoonshot a reality.

Sima Ganwani Ved, a dynamic leader, and entrepreneur has revolutionized the retail industry in the UAE as the Founder and Chairwoman of the Apparel Group, a multi-billion dollar retail conglomerate. Her journey began ambitiously as a Department Manager at her father’s shopping mall at the age of 20, leading to her becoming a respected industry titan. Under her guidance, the group now boasts over 85 brands in more than 2,100 stores across 14 countries.

Sima Ganwani Ved’s remarkable achievements have earned her numerous prestigious awards, including The Philanthropreneur of the Year, Retailer of the Year, Great Place to Work, Great Women’s Award, Emirates Woman of the Year, and a spot in the 100 most powerful business women of 2023.

Beyond her business success, she passionately advocates for women in business, mentoring her daughters and others to follow in her footsteps. Her story exemplifies a powerful blend of ambition, leadership, and dedication to both professional excellence and personal growth. She often shares her experiences and insights through public speaking engagements and is an advocate for women in business and leadership.

Amidst escalating economic and political challenges faced by nations globally, the risk of inequality for women and girls has surged significantly. "We cannot afford to wait 300 years to close the global gender gap. The time is ripe for a visionary leader like Sima Ganwani Ved to contribute to reimagining #equalitymoonshot for India in an audacious manner," remarked Rupa Dash, CEO of the World Woman Foundation.

The World Woman Davos Agenda 2024 will convene global leaders from over 30 countries. During the World Economic Forum Week in Davos, this congregation aims to bring together a robust gender equality agenda for advancing women and girls.

The conference will take place on January 18 from 8:30 am to 5 pm, followed by the prestigious World Woman Hero Awards and VIP reception from 6:30 pm onwards at Hard Rock Hotel Davos.  

World Woman Foundation, a US-based public charity, boasts a global presence across 20 countries and a community of 15,000 members worldwide. With a vision to empower 1 million women and girls globally by 2030, the foundation's network of women leaders is dedicated to amplifying the impact of women and girls through longterm investments in skills, connections, capacity, and visibility.

Over the past five years, the World Woman Foundation has established a network of 300 change-makers and empowered 55,000 graduates through its Global Mentorship Program across 20 countries, addressing significant global challenges. Guided by its mission, the foundation initiated the #equalitymoonshot to elevate women's socioeconomic status by providing access to capital, community, coaching, and commerce opportunities.

To learn more about the conference, keynote speakers, and registration details, please visit: worldwomanfoundation

To know more about Sima Ganwani Ved, visit thesimaved