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Rohit Nair: It's time we started focussing on building better bonds between humans. We need to stop thinking on parochial lines and start thinking as belonging to one family.

Afshan Rizwan: Global warming is a global concern and we are aware of it. But we are not focusing enough on taking steps and doing something about it. Although we are aware of how it is caused, we are continuing to harm our environment.

Shikha Dixit: Humans must focus on goals concerning the wider circle - our society and our planet. We focus on our health, happiness, prosperity and professional goals. Won't it be a good idea to also focus on goals like promising ourselves to be sustainable and have goals like by the end of this year, there will be zero wastage from my end? Imagine if we all had similar goals; how would this planet look?

Ronald: I think sharing is a goal we all should be striving to achieve.Your question brought to mind John Lennon’s song Imagine and particularly the lines: Imagine no possessions; I wonder if you can; No need for greed or hunger; A brotherhood of man; Imagine all the people; Sharing all the world...

Sia Kalra: Making sure that nature comes first. We must really make sure that we don’t hurt Mother Earth.

Neha Shah: Making efficient and best use of the human life. Serving the society in whatever way one can is another goal that humans are not focused enough on achieving.

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Monisha Menon: We need to focus on the goal of one planet one human race. We should stop fighting over boundaries of colour race and creed. We need to think of ourselves as belonging to one large family. That I feel is the best way forward and to a happy and peaceful life on earth.

Sheena Jishu: We humans do not care about Nature. We deplete the resources for our comfort and luxurious life ignoring the fact that the future generation also needs it.

Shanthi Subramonia Iyer: Healthy lifestyle and natural living is one thing we as humans must focus on in today’s world that is polluted and a life that is stressful.

Vinnakota: We humans are still not good at preserving natural resources. There is an urgency to act on preserving or utilising the natural resources.