Philips is proud to announce the launch of HomelD, a cutting-edge application designed to seamlessly connect all your home devices under one roof. HomelD offers users access to a world of connectivity, simplicity, and creativity, revolutionizing the way we interact with our household appliances.

Whether you are searching for your next favorite recipe, eager to share your culinary creations with fellow food enthusiasts, or simply seeking inspiration, the HomelD app is your ultimate destination. HomelD not only provides culinary tips but also offers valuable insights and tricks for optimizing your kitchen and coffee machine experiences, with dedicated support readily available.

Key features of the HomelD app include:

Device connectivity: Effortlessly connect your Philips home devices from anywhere, ensuring seamless access to your kitchen and coffee machines with unparalleled ease. Connecting to your home has never been simpler.

Recipe discovery: Immerse yourself in a vibrant community of cooks and culinary enthusiasts, with a treasure trove of inspirational content and recipes available at your fingertips. Discover a myriad of coffee recipes and expert barista tips to elevate your hot beverage game.

Guidance and support: Easily access features, guidance, manuals, and comprehensive support services, including a tips & tricks carousel specifically tailored to your home devices. The HomelD app serves as your go-to resource for maximising the potential of your household appliances.

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HomelD marks the evolution of Philips' previous applications, replacing the NutrU app (Kitchen+) for kitchen appliances and the Coffee+ App for coffee machines. The app is set to launch in over 70 countries and will support a wide range of products, including Air fryers, Blenders & Juicers, Air Cookers, All-In-One Cookers, Kitchen Machines, Pasta Makers, Rice Cookers, and Coffee Machines.

May Buhaisi, Versuni Middle East Marketing Lead, expresses excitement about the HomelD app's potential to drive innovation in domestic appliances, simplifying cooking processes and enriching user experiences with an extensive library of recipes.

The HomelD app is now available for download on the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android), offering user’s unparalleled convenience and functionality for managing their home devices.