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Picture this: Dubai and Bahrain. Two distinct worlds, two different individuals. Fate, in the form of a pandemic, brought them together when the world was apart. “Ours was actually arranged,” Farah gleefully shared. The Dubai-Bahrain connection initiated with a single notification after what Farah calls a meticulous social media ‘stalking spree’.

“When I stalked him on LinkedIn, he obviously got a notification. He thought he had a career opportunity in Dubai. Two days later he got my profile, and he put the pieces together. After seeing more than 50 profiles, I spoke to him since my parents were being pushy. I decided to message him so my parents would get off my back. I assumed this would be as ridiculous as previous people I have spoken to, so I didn’t show much interest. But the way he spoke, slightly surprised me,” she says.

Farah continued talking about Adam: “When I met him for the first time I was awed by his smile. He has the sweetest smile!”

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What followed was a roller-coaster of virtual dating that led to an engagement in February 2022. Farah’s hyperactive, dramatic personality was the perfect contrast to Adam’s logical and calm demeanour. “Adam is logical, calm and patient. Whereas I am hyper, dramatic and always jumping to conclusions. However, we try to understand each other and respect each other’s opinions. And today we are where we are. Married and happy.”

When Dubai Met Bahrain

The wedding was a melange of dreams and emotions that played out across the stunning landscapes of Bahrain. “I always wanted an elegant wedding away from Dubai,” Farah reveals. And so, the couple found themselves amidst the grandeur of Bahrain, celebrating love with friends and family from around the globe.

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The celebrations kicked off with a small, heartfelt Nikkah ceremony at a mosque, followed by a Sangeet that Farah deems “crazy” in her terms. The theme? Royal Mughal. Drapes, colourful flowers, and a vibrant entrance welcomed guests to a night of joyful celebration.

The grand reception was all about glam – gold, cream flowers, candelabras, and a flower-covered tunnel for the couple’s grand entrance. “I wanted to wear red for Nikkah, colourful for Sangeet, and golden for the reception,” Farah explains. A vision brought to life.

From Bridezilla to Bliss

Planning a wedding is no easy feat, especially in the sweltering Bahrain heat. “I was in major bridezilla mode,” Farah explains. Juggling venues, vendors, and the soaring temperature was no small task. With meticulous attention to detail, Farah and Adam curated the menu, even adding their personal favourites.

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“I travelled to Bahrain 2-3 times to confirm the venues, vendors etc. It was not easy, as Bahrain has limited options for Indian weddings in the city. But we managed to pull that off.”

Transport logistics were another challenge. Coordinating 300 guests between accommodation and venues required a team effort. But they pulled it off seamlessly, a true testament to their combined efforts.

Dressed to Dazzle

Farah’s wedding wardrobe was a mix of elegance and tradition. From a stunning Bawree creation for Nikkah to a vivid ensemble from Seasons Mumbai for the Sangeet, she stole the show. The Reception saw her in the regal attire designed by Dimple Fashions.But it wasn’t just the clothes that shone; Farah’s Nikkah jewellery had a special touch – her grandmother’s set. Meanwhile, Adam turned heads in Dimple Fashions attire for both the Sangeet and Reception.

When ‘I Do’ Became “Best Friends Forever”

As the wedding whirlwind settled, the couple’s happiest moment arrived. “We looked at each other and realised it’s done. Six months of hard work,” Farah reminisces. And in that moment, Adam’s heartfelt words sealed the deal: “You’re not my wife, but my best friend.”

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The date was June 17th, and love had triumphed over borders. Accommodated at the Hilton Bahrain, the festivities unfolded at The Diplomat Radisson Blu. Farah Bootwala, a PR and Partnerships Manager, and Adam Hameed, a Senior Consultant, had showcased that love’s journey knows no limits.

So, here’s to love that crosses countries, to weddings that bring dreams to life, and to Farah and Adam – two opposites who united in the name of happily ever after.