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Destination weddings, need for everyday elegance and the constant demand for something unique means the bijoux world is not only getting to be bigger but is constantly evolving. Whether it is the eclectic few who are looking to punctuate their style statement with unique designs or others wanting to incorporate fun and functional pieces into their wardrobe, imitation jewellery is here to stay.


Friday asks Renu Manjunath of internationally acclaimed brand Label RM to share her thoughts on imitation jewllery trends and more:

What are the top 5 trends in imitation jewellery this festive season?

This festive season celebrates unique and big-sized precious stones; gleaming with a myriad colours and lustrous stones, setting new trends that pay homage to the past while being experimental with a modern twist.

Classically styled heirloom 
diamond jewels, shoulder dusting 
earrings with intricate designs and eye-catching patterns, vogue diamond earrings, classic polki chaand baalis, chunky chokers and long diamond-studded strings, all of these are in trend this season. I believe wearing a minimalistic ivory sari and highlighting it with multiple layers of emeralds and diamonds are among 
what shall make a unique style statement this festival.

Some specific styles that stand out this season are the allure of emeralds that contrast beautifully with the sparkle of moissanite, creating a look that is both regal and modern.

This trend of moissanite polki with emerald is perfect for those who want to maintain a connection with tradition but with a hint of contemporary flair.

Blending vibrant colours, such as deep blue sapphire with vibrant green emerald, both magnified by the brilliance of moissanite, also creates an eye-catching aesthetic this festive season.

The rich purple hue of amethyst, when paired with emerald and radiant moissanite polki, provides a palette that is both sophisticated and festive. This combination is perfect for those looking to make a subtle statement.

Emerald and moissanite polki create a minimalist look with a touch of grandeur that can elevate any festive outfit.

Three must-have pieces in every woman’s wardrobe

It’s said a woman’s look isn’t complete without the addition of some essential jewellery like some beautiful earrings or a statement necklace.

Universally a few timeless pieces of jewellery are always supposed to be versatile and said to never go out of fashion.

Tennis bracelets that are traditionally made of diamonds add an elegant yet subtle look to any style.


Tennis bracelets worn with formal and casual outfits add grace and elegance while a bold cocktail ring with a striking gemstone or intricate design can add drama and sophistication especially for special occasions.

A pendant necklace can be worn alone or layered with other necklaces portraying a personal accent perfect for work or the weekend.

We all know diamonds are a girl’s best friends and diamond studs add that bit of sparkle with an understated elegant look to any outfit and any occasion.

How can you stretch your statement pieces for everyday wear such as office or a weekend brunch or a soiree?

Sometimes you want to be beautiful 
but not draw too much attention to yourself, and other times you want all eyes to be on the piece you’ve chosen to wear. Invest in versatile quality jewellery you can mix and match for different occasions.

You can experiment with classic jewellery and mix and match. For instance, wear a classic tennis bracelet to a formal dinner with statement earrings made of semi-precious stones.

If going on a night out with friends or attending events, be daring and experimental. Choose big-sized and bright-coloured bling that will give you that free-spirited party vibe to exude the party girl look.

Pair an amazing blue sapphire bracelet or necklace with a stylish gown for that special, intimate date night with your sweetheart.

Wearing a simple ruby gemstone pendant with a matching set of earrings will undoubtedly help create a lovely impression for those who prefer to keep the glitz understated.

Drop earrings or hoop earrings will draw attention to your eyes. A delicate necklace will highlight your collarbones and neckline. A large, coloured-gemstone dangle earring can add some personality and be the perfect piece as you transition from the workweek to the weekend.

Adding a formal piece of jewellery like pearls gives the jeans and a t-shirt look an unexpected, stylish twist.

How to take care of your imitation pieces.

Never forget to remove your 
artificial jewellery before getting under 
the shower. A significant rule of thumb 
is that artificial jewellery should never 
be worn in a swimming pool as the chlorinated water would react with 
the metal and cause your jewellery colour to change quickly.

To prevent scratches and tangles, store each piece separately in a soft cloth bag or in individual compartments.

One of the most important steps in caring for your imitation jewellery is to keep it away from harsh chemicals like perfumes and hair sprays as they will react with your imitation jewellery’s metal, causing discoloration and tarnishing.

Always remember – your imitation jewellery pieces are the last thing to put on and the first thing to take off!