Helen Farmer
Helen Farmer during a book reading session Image Credit: Supplied

Best known as a radio broadcaster and accidental Instagram influencer, Helen Farmer has added another credit to her name with the launch of her first children’s book, My Mummy's Secret Adventures. The story is about a young girl called Olive, who asks lots of questions, but has never asked what her Mummy does all day. Written for busy mums and curious kids, My Mummy's Secret Adventures follows Olive as she excitedly interrogates her mummy on her secret life.

As a mum of two daughters who ask a thousand questions every day, Farmer’s own experiences of motherhood have provided the inspiration for My Mummy’s Secret Adventures. The book is published by The Dreamwork Collective and features illustrations by Pavithra Suresh. Farmer explains more about her motivations and aspirations for her first venture into storytelling for children.

What is your inspiration for the story?

This is the book I wish I'd had when my daughters were younger. As a working mum myself, I've struggled to answer their questions on what I do when they can't see me during the day. As a journalist I've interviewed many teachers and educators over the years - you'd be surprised how many children genuinely think their mum sits outside their nursery or school in the car, waiting for them. If only they knew...

Helen Farmer
Helen Farmer Image Credit: Supplied

Why did you decide to tackle the subject in this way?

I love that books can be a wonderful way for parents to broach some tricky topics with their kids and start a conversation about something they're struggling with. My Mummy's Secret Adventures opens up questions about what Olive's mummy might do during the day, but also how little readers' own mums might spend their time and give some inspiration for future jobs too.

Who are your target audiences?

I think children aged 3 to 7 would love Pavi's illustrations and little Olive's crazy questions.

What was your process for putting the book together?

I'd had the idea for over a year, and writing it was a joy, especially when I started thinking about all of the adventures her mummy could be having! I loved working with Pavi, seeing how she interpreted the characters, and bringing the ideas to life. In total, it took close to nine months, so it's really my third baby!

Helen Farmer
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What is the one message that you would like the book to convey?

That mums have their own lives away from their children, and that's a great thing! We have jobs, dreams, friends, adventures and more - and that's an inspiration to our little ones.

What have your daughters’ reactions been to the book?

They have loved seeing some of their own questions on the pages, added their own touches, and they can't wait for me to come into their school to read it to friends, or find it in the library. A real moment was their reaction to seeing that it's dedicated to them.

What are your plans for future books?

Expect to hear from Olive's little sister soon. She's off to nursery and worried about missing her parents - but her mum has an idea...

My Mummy's Secret Adventures is available at amazon.ae