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An entrepreneur of Kuwaiti-American descent, Ebraheem is the Founder and CEO of Forever Roses. After completing a Master’s degree at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland, he relocated to Dubai in 2010 to establish the Al Samadi Group. In 2015, he acquired the Forever Rose London concept and developed it into a profitable luxury enterprise. The company has since evolved into a high-end gift store that offers a comprehensive selection of long-lasting roses, premium chocolates, handpicked fragrances and perfumes, as well as an exclusive assortment of jewellery and diamonds. Ebraheem, like Kris Fade and his wife Brianna, was also a participant in the reality show Dubai Bling.

Two years ago, he attended a fragrance event and was informed by one of the invitees that their cousin was a fan of his brand, Forever Rose. They connected over the phone and decided to meet at Global Village with her cousin and family. ‘When we finally met, I noticed her holding an infant, who I thought was her baby. I later found out that she was actually the baby’s aunt. Despite the mix-up, we hit it off and became friends from that point forward,” recalls Ebraheem.

The couple were married earlier this year. Since his wife prefers to keep a low profile and shies away from the public eye, Ebraheem has not shared any of her photos or details with his massive fan following.

“I am a celebrity while she is not, which means that privacy is a challenge for us,” he says. “People constantly pull out their phones and try to take pictures, which can be quite annoying. She often shares with me what people say about us, especially when it’s positive. On the other hand, it upsets her when people say negative things about me, especially when they are unaware that she is my wife. As she is not in the public eye, people do not recognise our relationship, which can lead to uncomfortable situations when she overhears remarks about us in public places.”

As far as their relationship is concerned, it is much like his business… a blooming bouquet of everlasting roses. Ebraheem claims that both of them have their own unique romantic gestures. He loves surprising her with little things like taking her to her favourite concert when she least expects it or sending her sweet messages. Since she lives in Abu Dhabi and Ebraheem is in Dubai, they take turns visiting each other on the weekends. “Before she leaves for Abu Dhabi on Sunday, she always leaves a lovely note on my pillow expressing how much she misses me. It’s incredibly sweet and endearing” he says.

Even though he is relatively open about everything else, Ebraheem gets irked when people try to pry into his personal life by attempting to locate his residence or the whereabouts of his family members.


Once he had an extremely frightening experience while ordering food for Suhoor. “I had left the curtains open and was enjoying my meal, which happened to be from Shake Shack. Since my Snapchat account is public, someone sent me a picture of them eating Shake Shack, which I initially brushed off. Then the person messaged me and mentioned how they had enjoyed their meal. This was puzzling because I had not shared any pictures of me eating Shake Shack. It was then that I noticed my neighbour’s lights were flickering off abruptly after. The incident left me extremely scared and uneasy, especially since I was home alone at the time,” he recalls.

Despite the comments and attempts from outsiders to interfere in his family issues, Ebraheem and his wife have realised that their our own contentment was paramount. “I’m grateful that my wife and my mom have become such close friends. It’s exactly what I hoped for from the start, and I feel blessed to have it,” he says.

They have established a ground rule that weekends are exclusively meant spending quality time together. “We plan and decide in advance to avoid any disruptions or conflicts with our plans. Regular communication before and after work is crucial, and we make it a point to discuss what we ate that day, keeping these small details alive and significant. Our favourite pastime is snuggling up in bed and watching random Tiktok videos. We often end up laughing uncontrollably together. I believe that by cherishing these little moments and enjoying life together, we have created something truly special.”