Junaid Arif Currimbhoy emceeing an event Image Credit: Supplied

Junaid Arif Currimbhoy started his career as an emcee in 2011 and has since hosted major events and weddings across the world. Awarded India’s best wedding anchor, the voiceover artist and TV presenter considers a wedding he hosted in Atlanta to be one of the most memorable ones. ‘An anniversary in the Virgin Islands and another wedding in Tenerife Spain are also memorable events I have hosted,’ he says.

Creativity is the crux of an Emcee’s career, says Junaid

Being an Emcee comes with its fair share of challenges. From fresh creatives to brainstorming sessions with the clients, to ensuring perfect stage delivery for mega events and destination weddings all come with challenges. Most importantly it is about juggling one’s health amidst the constant travelling and endless working hours, says Junaid.

Plenty of preparations go before a gig, says the star emcee.

‘There is an entire process that needs to be put in place with me and my team. From understanding the needs of my clients to managing on the spot errors, being respectful to cultures and ensuring everyone has a great time is what my job entails.’

One of the best learning curves for him over the years has been to understand and respect every culture, says Junaid. ‘Taking one day at a time and giving it your best shot like it’s your first has always been my mantra.’

Creativity is the crux of an Emcee’s career. Brewing fresh ideas and concepts take time and effort, and it’s always a team job. One needs to keep their thinking cap on at all times, he says. ‘Ideas are everywhere. Once you work on an idea and put it to life, you’ll have people with two left feet dancing to your games.’


Junaid says one of the life-changing events he hosted was for the Ambani and Piramal families in Mumbai.

‘I pitched the idea of a concept Funtakshri – A Fun Filmi Challenge between the Ambani family and the Piramal family. I hosted this at Antilia, Mukesh Ambani’s residence. It was an intimate family affair with many industrialists and a few business friends. ‘Neetu Mohan, a celebrity performer, took the stage right after my games.’

Being an Emcee is not easy but if you manage to strike a chord with each passing gig, you’ll be a name in the industry, he says.

What advice would he give aspiring emcees?

‘Always keep going and don’t be rigid. Learning from seniors and juniors is what is going to keep at your best,’ he says.