Skechers launches all-new shoe design studio at KidZania, Dubai Mall Image Credit: Supplied

Apparel Group's leading footwear brand, Skechers, is thrilled to introduce its all-new Shoe Design Studio at KidZania, Dubai Mall, an ultimate educational and entertainment destination for kids. This studio offers an exciting and innovative opportunity for young designers to delve into the world of shoe design.

The Skechers Shoe Design Studio is situated within the vibrant KidZania at Dubai Mall with an expansive space of 20.20 square meters. The studio's opening aligns with the mission to inspire learning and creativity among young minds. By integrating interactive activities, Skechers aims to foster a fun-filled learning environment that complements the values of KidZania, where children develop essential life skills outside the traditional classroom setting.

In the Shoe Design Workshops, young participants will have the hands-on opportunity to unleash their creativity by designing and coloring their dream shoes using diverse materials. The Shoe Design Challenges will also stimulate teamwork and problem-solving skills as kids participate in friendly contests, showcasing their innovative ideas. The experience is further elevated with the Interactive 3D Shoe Visualization, where children can scan their creations using an AI-powered app. The studio also integrates Kid-friendly Educational Materials, enlightening children about the significance of quality footwear and introducing them to the cutting-edge technology behind Skechers shoes.

Neeraj Teckchandani, CEO of Apparel Group, expressed his enthusiasm about the new venture, stating, "We are thrilled to introduce the Skechers Shoe Design Studio at KidZania, a space where young minds can explore the art of shoe design in a fun and interactive environment. Through this initiative, Apparel Group aims to cultivate a passion for creativity, design, and craftsmanship among children, all while promoting the significance of quality footwear. It is our pleasure to kindle education with entertainment and to impart our mission to the youth, to exceed all expectations every day."

Skechers has consistently exceeded industry standards by crafting trendsetting shoes that have garnered widespread admiration from consumers. Through this extraordinary collaboration, the brand intends to inspire the next generation of designers in an enriching environment.

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