Wonky Fruits summer collection from Apparel Group

Apparel Group’s innovative sustainable Lifestyle brand, F5 Global, is excited to announce the launch of its latest and most vibrant collection, Wonky Fruits. This fresh and playful collection, inspired by the quirky shapes and colors of wonky fruits, is now available both online and at Dubai Hills Mall, setting a new standard for eco-friendly fashion in the UAE.

Inspired by the unique and playful shapes of fruits, the Wonky Fruits collection brings a splash of color and creativity to sustainable wear. Each piece is crafted from sustainable materials, highlighting F5 Global’s dedication to eco-conscious fashion without compromising on style. This collection is a bold statement that embraces the beauty of nature’s imperfections and turns them into fashion-forward designs.

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From colourful leggings to eye-catching tops, the Wonky Fruits collection offers a range of items designed to make a statement while supporting sustainable fashion practices. Every piece is meticulously crafted to combine style, comfort, and eco-consciousness, making it the perfect choice for today’s fashion-forward, environmentally-aware consumer.

The collection is available for purchase both online and at F5 Global’s exclusive store in Dubai Hills Mall, providing customers across the UAE with easy access to these unique and sustainable pieces. Additionally, F5 Global (https://f5global.com/) is offering free shipping across the GCC, making it even more convenient for customers in the region to shop sustainably.

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In conjunction with the collection launch, F5 Global is also initiating educational campaigns to raise awareness about sustainable fashion choices. The brand aims to inform consumers about the importance of sustainability in the fashion industry and how they can make more eco-friendly decisions.

“We’re thrilled to launch the collection, which beautifully blends sustainability with creative design. This collection celebrates the charm of natural imperfections, making it both stylish and meaningful. We are excited to offer our UAE customers these unique pieces, reflecting our commitment to eco-friendly fashion,” says Sarisha Ved, Founder and CEO, F5 Global.

For more information, visit https://f5global.com/