I’ve just had a bespoke suit made, but I don’t feel perfectly comfortable in it. I was told that I might need to wear it a few times before it fitted me perfectly. Is it OK to take it back to the tailor if it still feels uncomfortable after a few wears?

The simple answer to your question is that the more times you wear your bespoke suit, the better it will fit you. The reason is that the more you use it, the better the canvas used in making the suit takes the shape of your body.

That said, comfort is paramount and if, for any reason, you do not feel comfortable in your suit, you should take it back for adjustments. Within the bespoke tailoring community, it is said that ‘A bespoke suit always fits!’ So your tailor will have no problems readjusting your suit to make it fit you perfectly.

Usually, bespoke tailors rarely let you take your suit without making sure it is perfectly compatible with your body type as well as general body movements.

Also if your body shape changes in a couple of months, your suit can still be readjusted as tailors ensure that there is always enough fabric left within the seams as a margin for any future adjustments.

So, yes, feel free to wear your suit as many times as you like and do not hesitate to take it back to your bespoke tailor for any adjustments you may require at any time. He would be happy to make alterations for you, to ensure you are happy with your suit.