I’m 5ft 5 inches tall with a broad chest, so most ready-made suits don’t fit me well. I’d like a bespoke one. What type should I opt for, especially for the workplace?

A gentleman of your height and physique will only be able to settle for a bespoke suit. And in this zone, anything is possible with regard to style. The trick is to strike the right balance in all your choices. Let’s say you have great sartorial taste and would like to make a strong statement with your suit. In this case, you should opt for a peak lapel. However, the challenge lies in deciding the width of the lapel.

It should not be too slim – which may give you a smart casual look – or too broad, so as to give an overpowering and intimidating impression. It should be broad enough to exude confidence and look formal, and at the same time give you control of the impression it conveys with hand-stitched detailing on the edges. This is where you achieve the balance, which needs to be intact in everything, from your pocket styles to buttons. When all the choices you make strike the right balance, the suit will help you achieve your potential.

Finding the right bespoke tailor is no different from finding the right life partner. You need to keep looking until you instinctively feel in your gut that you have arrived at the right place. Once you find the tailor who will successfully introduce you to the world of bespoke, stick with him. He is worth his weight in gold.