I want to have a bespoke suit made. But I’m not sure if I should choose a half-canvassed or a fully canvassed jacket. What are the advantages of both?

To decide that, it is first important to understand the purpose of the canvas.

It not only holds the shape and form of the jacket, it also ensures that over time, with repeated use, the jacket starts fitting you better.

As the jacket gets worn more often, the threads binding the canvas with the fabric become loose and by then, the canvas, due 
to its memory feature, will have taken the shape of your body. This, in turn, means that the entire jacket has taken the shape of your body.

It is for this reason that it’s preferable to go for a full-canvassed jacket as, over time, every part of the jacket will have become accustomed to your body and would have shaped itself accordingly.

However, in a half-canvassed jacket, the entire upper area, including your lapels right up to your lower pockets, is canvassed. Only the part below your pockets is not canvassed, which means overall, your suit will still hold its shape.

This is something to consider when making your decision as the cost of a full-canvassed jacket is significantly higher than 
a half-canvassed one.

However, if you are someone who is a perfectionist and would like to dress not like who you are but who you want to be, then only a full-canvassed jacket will do for you.