I enjoy reading your style tips in Friday. I have heard that you should never wear brown shoes with a suit. Is this true in modern times? I’ve always thought brown footwear looks good, especially with a light-coloured suit.

Until about two years ago, black was the only hue that existed in a gentleman’s shoe wardrobe. Guys rarely – if ever – invested in a pair of brown shoes, believing that it could only be worn with a beige or brown suit.

However, the trend has started to change. Lately, men have been exhibiting a much-matured understanding of matching colours and accessories to their apparel.

Pairing brown shoes with suits shows an in-depth understanding of using colours effectively by contrasting them in a way 
that looks quite fresh and appealing rather than outlandish and garish.

Dark chocolate-brown shoes can now be worn with navy-blue and charcoal-grey suits. Lighter hues of blue and mid-grey can be teamed with tan-coloured shoes.

You can go a step further and make it known that you pay attention to detail by matching the colour of your shoelaces to the colour of your suit.

This is an effective way to show that you are skilful in the art of dressing up with subtlety, all the while paying careful attention to all the finer details. In style terms this is known as effortless elegance.

The ability to master this art indicates the true mark of being a dapper gentleman. Wearing one’s natural gentlemanly attributes and making it part of one’s individual style is very important.

Being a man is a matter of age, but being a gentleman is a matter of choice.