The top 25 cities to travel for food

The top 25 cities to travel for food

Dubai chosen as one of the top 25 cities to travel to for food

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Every city around the world is unique and different. They all have their special dishes to be proud of and little food movements that kill it on social media. These days’ people don’t just travel to see architecture and scenery – they travel to eat.  According to Caterwings, a UK based food delivery company, food tourism is one of the fastest growing travel trends and cities all over the world want to be a food destination.

They commissioned this study, incorporating, among other factors, ratings from 20,000 food journalists and restaurant critics, to reveal the ultimate 100 best food destinations.

With the amount of cool creative restaurants that we have Dubai, unsurprisingly was part of the top 25 foodie destinations on the coveted list.

Here are the top 25 foodie destinations in the world 

1. San Sebastian, Spain


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2. Tokyo, Japan

3. New York City, United States


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4. Barcelona, Spain

5. Singapore, Singapore

6. Paris, France



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7. Madrid, Spain

8. Lima, Peru


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9. London, United Kingdom

10. Munich, Germany


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11. Las Vegas, United States

12. Osaka. Japan


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13. Los Angeles, United States

14. Stockholm, Sweden

15. San Francisco, United States

Oslo, Norway


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Seoul, South Korea


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Amsterdam, Netherlands

Copenhagen, Denmark

Hamburg, Germany

Bangkok, Thailand

Nice, France


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Frankfurt, Germany

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Rome, Italy

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