The South Indian Idli gets a whole new makeover

The South Indian Idli gets a whole new makeover

From Bengaluru in India, and it’s all over social media. But, the dish is quite 'handy'

Ever heard of idli popsicles before? Image Credit: Shutterstock

Idli – a dish from southern India, much-loved world over. Traditionally served on a steamed banana leaf, with coconut chutney and sambar (spices lentil curry), these steamed rice cakes encompass a rich and authentic breakfast meal.

But, what happens when your favourite rice cakes are served on a popsicle stick, wherein you can dip it in chutney and sambar?

Genius, if you ask me!

Not only is it easy to devour, but if we were to eat this, given the present scenario of the pandemic, it works. And Indian writer, politician Shashi Tharoor agrees as well! He took it to his Twitter account to call it “absurd, but practical”

However, not everyone shared Tharoor’s views.

“It is just a useless innovation to waste more wood when you can eat the same thing with a steel spoon”

Whereas some were in favour of this whole new concept and used the umbrella term of ‘food innovation’ to convey their praise.

“I’d take this innovation any day over the cheese loaded nonsense. It’s also rather practical. What say? #Idli” wrote a Twitter user.

“#Idli. I feel Indians are free to have innovative ideas, see this one. Bengaluru has come up with the idea of having idli sticks which you can dip in chatni & Sambar, it is for those people who don't want to mess their hands, or in other words can't use knife fork & spoon” said another social media user.

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That said and done, what do you feel about this newly introduced food concept? Tell us about it on

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