Butter chicken golgappas: When street food and north Indian cuisine collided

Butter chicken golgappas: When street food and north Indian cuisine collided

This dish went viral after a social media post on Twitter, which resulted in backlash

A massive food trend has emerged, and it's titled 'butter chicken golgappas' Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News; Shutterstock

“The apocalypse is near,” wrote a Twitter user.

“From where do these guys get such ideas from I wonder,” read another comment from another Twitter user.

Do you like golgappas? What about butter chicken? If your answer to both of these is ‘yes’, then there’s a new food dish called ‘butter chicken golgappas’, combining the two Indian dishes into one.

Of course, people weren’t going to let it slide that easy and expressed their views on the ‘viral’ dish, which is “an insult to both, 'Gol Gappe' and 'Butter Chicken'”, for several social media users.

However, these two dishes are much-loved by Indians world over – of course, when served separately!

When one thinks of Indian cuisine, one of the first dishes that do come to mind is butter chicken. Tender, juicy chunks of chicken bathed in spices with a creamy tomato base and slathered in butter, this dish tastes best with hot, buttery naan (flatbread). The dish has found so much favour world over, so much so that even popular pop Hollywood musician Lady Gaga loves it. “The day I was done with diet, I was back to eating chicken butter masala for a while,” she quoted in an interview.

Golgappas, on the other hand, are one among the most devoured dishes of India. This street food marvel is made using all-purpose flour, semolina, salt and water, for the outer covering, and boiled potatoes mixed with spices and herbs for the filling. Also known as pani puri, puchka, pakodi, among several other names, all over India, this dish can never go unnoticed in the country.

While the viral food trend has got several social media users questioning the taste of this dish, nevertheless, it is on everyone’s mind to try it out, or better yet make it themselves. However, if you are looking for recipes for both these dishes to cook at home, here’s the one for golgappa and another for the original butter chicken guide!

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